Sunday, December 27, 2015

YSA Dendo Day - Letter to Dad - 28 September, 2015

Hey Dad!

I am glad to hear that things are going well with the business, even if they can be busy and hectic at times! If it wasn't crazy, you wouldn't appreciate the breaks as much! :) haha I can definitely say that as a missionary I love sleeping a lot more than I did in high school. You just go 100 miles an hour all day and then come home and crash. That is something that I hope I can continue to do when I get home and when I get a job and go to school. If I can keep the same work habits that I gained as a missionary than things will work out so much better in the long run.  I sure do love working, though!

Crazy enough, I even went jogging in the morning! Haha I have gone walking every morning because Elder Loi-on had a hurt back, but this morning we did a light jog. It felt so good, actually. Probably because we went crazy slow, but it made me wonder what I could do if I actually pushed myself. Sadly, since I have moved, doing P90X3 has become impossible. Not only do I not have the correct equipment, there just is not enough room to do it in the entire apartment. But, it is okay. I can still do P90X abs and work on push ups and things like that to tone my arms. Nothing to get big, obviously, since I would need a little more time and equipment to do that. But it is still good. :)

So, one of the big things that we did this past week was that we went and we Dendo'ed (Dendo is missionary work/proselyting if I have not explained that before) with the young single adults in the area. I will send a picture later. I got to go out with a person named Kusume Kyodai, and Elder Kinjo is the other missionary that we went with! He actually came with me from the MTC, and he is a fantastic teacher! I love him so much. He is so nice.

One thing that it made me think about a lot is how to get other people fired up for missionary work. It is something Elder Loi-on and I have thought about a lot lately, and I am honestly still trying to figure it out. The other day I studied in personal study on what I could do to help this zone, which isn't particularly struggling, but to just get them really fired and working as hard as they can. I was trying to think of people in the book of Mormon who had the same problem, and I
immediately thought about Alma the younger when he goes to all of the churches throughout the land and tries to help them refocus on really living the gospel. Which led to me reading Alma 5! What an incredible chapter. I suggest that you read it and do all that you can to apply it into your own life, even if it doesn't specifically have to do with spiritual things, the questions can relate a lot to our own visions and dreams for life.

You are in an exciting part of your career/life, dad! Don't ever forget what is important. Also, don't ever lose the fire that you have for working hard and realizing your dreams! I know that you can do it as you continue to rely on the Lord. :) I love you so much and I look up to you so much!

Love, Elder Livingston

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