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NS - Letter to Dad - 4 October 2015

Hey Dad,

So, if you look at my email to Mom it has the majority of the busy things and things that are going on right now in my mission. But, I wanted to talk about NS. I need your prayers on this one.

NS is a xx year old man, and he loves Christ and God. He actually started to study the Lutheran church when he was young, and while he never joined, he has been feverishly studying Christianity and the Bible since then. Elder Loi-on and Elder Richardson found him the day before I moved here, and we have met him almost every single day since then. However, he has a problem. He has been smoking and drinking for about xx years, and it is very much
engrained into his system. He is really struggling with that. He has told us over and over again that he wants to receive baptism from Elder Loi-on, but that he understands that he can't do it until he quits drinking and smoking and things like that. Do you have any advice? Did you ever deal with this kind of thing on a mission, or as a bishop? We are struggling to know how to help him. He says that he wants to stop, but then he just goes ahead and drinks. Obviously I understand it is not quite as easy as saying you are done and then quitting, but I just need some help with this one. Don't worry, we fasted for him and we are praying our guts out, I would just love some advice here as well. :)

Other than that, I really haven't met any investigators here. There is one named S, but he basically dropped them right before I got there, so we were only able to say hi when I went over there last week. We are obviously working on a lot of finding right now. I love finding, actually. :) It is great. What kind of finding (proselyting) did you do as you were in Germany? I would love to hear any suggestions that you have, or any things that you did that seemed really successful. It is so interesting doing it here. There is definitely nowhere like Japan in the rest of the world.

One thing that I have really noticed as I have been here is the amount of happiness and hope that those that believe in God have versus those that don't. Japan, being a non-religious nation, could really really use the help and support that comes from believing in God. And I get the opportunity to go and help them believe in Him. :D

But, not only that, there is yet another difference, between those who believe in God and those who believe in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have something special. It is easy to see in their eyes and the way that they act. We definitely are a peculiar people when it comes to things of the world. We truly are in the world but not of the world, so long as we do all that we can to keep the covenants that we have made in the temple and at baptism and at the sacrament table. :) I hope that you remember those covenants. You promised to always remember Christ, and that really is a big responsibility (I know that I often slip up). I hope that you can do that more.

Please continue to pray for NS, and also that we can find some new investigators soon. I love the people of Japan. So much. I truly will be so sad when I have to leave them, because they are my brothers and sisters. Luckily, they ARE still my brothers and sisters, and I will be able to see them in the eternities even if I get separated from them for a time while I am here on Earth. I love this gospel and I know that it is true. When we abide by its precepts we get closer to God than through any other method. This method includes service, actively spreading the Gospel, whether it be by word of mouth or through letters or social media, this is His work. He is at the helm. We can always trust Him.

How are things going with the business? Any more bites from different companies? I hope and pray that you will find what you need. I know that you will! It just might not be exactly what you think you need. Just trust the Lord, and everything will work out. :)

I love you so so much! You are the incredible, Dad. Keep working hard and trusting in the Lord. Don't forget to put your study time for the Lord first every day! That will help everything go better. :) In fact, we are commanded to study the scriptures, as well as put the Lord first. :) haha I am excited to hear how everything is going soon! Love ya!


Elder Livingston

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