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Letter to Mom - 13 October, 2014

Subject: To the best mom the world has ever known!!! :)

Hey Mom!! :) I know that a couple other people get this too, but this is my letter to you, and I decided I wanted to say mom more in it, because I miss calling you mom. :)

So, Mom, how are you doing this week? I am hoping that you are being good and still healing!! How are your ribs really, though? Also, how are the preparations coming for the new health regiment? Are you nervous? Mom . . .if you're scared I want you to apply President Uchtdorf's famous two word sermon: Stop it. Years ago you did something for me that I don't know if you realized affected me as much as it did. You showed me a scripture. It is in Timothy, and says, "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind." That scripture has changed my life and shaped it in so many ways. I can still remember sitting on your bed and talking with you about how I was worried (probably about cleaning the bathroom sink ;) haha) and you showed me that scripture. Since then it has really been a standard for me to judge things against. You also showed me then the power that comes from scriptures. It is real. I know it. I testify that as you read the scriptures they will be a shield for you from the temptations of the adversary and also I want to promise you that as you continue to faithfully read the scriptures your health will increase. The body and the spirit are inseparably connected, and when one is edified and strengthened, so is the other. I know that is true. Keep reading your scriptures carefully.

Mom, you are amazing. Did you know that? You have been one of my greatest examples in everything in life. You are so selfless. It is sometimes ridiculous how selfless you are. ;) You always put others before yourself, and that has really showed me how I should act in my life. You and Dad taught me how to live the gospel, not just what the gospel was. Having a testimony is good, but until you act on it you won't become converted, and conversion is what we need. Those with just a testimony will be buffeted by the winds of temptation, but conversion anchors you to the Lord. Help the girls become converted. They are incredible, and I love them so so much. Please, if Britta or Quinci are not reading their scriptures or praying, have them set goals, and tell them to me. You said that I have a better influence on them right now, and I want to help them. I will hold them accountable (sly grin right here ;) haha) and I will share goals with them to have them help me be accountable.

This week has been pretty good!! We switched a couple of our mission standards, kind of, and that has been hard. Part of the statistics that we used to report were meaningful contacts, which is a contact where you build a relationship of trust with people, but not necessarily extend a commitment of some sort. We have now switched over to SOS or salvation of souls ;D contacts, which must include a commitment to act. It is a lot harder, because you don't want to just throw a commitment at someone, so now you have to learn to better transition into the gospel quickly, and without it being akward. Also, I had splits with Elder Kennedy (The other elder in our district that I am not sure I have talked about) and that was great. He was really able to get me to just jump into conversations and talk. It was so great. He is an amazing elder and I really look up to him. Let's see . . .general conference was absolutely amazing. We watched it in English, which was so good, because I have heard that Japanese at General Conference is actually really hard. I took a lot of good notes, and I loved it! Keep reading and re-watching the talks. I promise that the Lord can answer your prayers through their talks, and that just like the scriptures (for that is what they are) they will gain new meaning every time. I love you so much, Mom. Keep going, and trust the Lord. I love you, and I miss you.

Love, Elder Livingston

(Thank you) Letter From Japan Tokyo South Mission - 15 October, 2014

Dear Parents,

We would like to express our gratitude for your prayers and support. All the missionaries were protected during the storms and rain. There was no damage in our area. We will continue to do our best to ensure the safety of each missionary.

Thank you again,

Japan Tokyo South Mission

Photos - 13 October, 2014

This dragonfly was super friendly and landed on my shoulder, so I got
a picture with him haha :) 
Dragonfly #2

These super cute mice were at a petting zoo in the park!

Elder Livingston and Elder Kennedy

(Typhoon Vongfong) Letter From President and Sister Wada - 13 October, 2014

Dear Parents,

As you may have heard, Typhoon Vongfong is hitting Japan. It will hit Tokyo between tonight and tomorrow morning in our time. The missionaries are instructed to stay indoors. We hope it will pass while they are asleep.

Japan Tokyo South Mission has an emergency action plan and has provided each missionary a 72 hour kit. Each companionship has a cell phone that we can call and email in order to get in contact.

All missionaries should have contacted their parents today, however, Musashino Zone missionaries did not have their preparation day on Monday this week. You will hear from them on Tuesday.

We appreciate your love and prayers for your wonderful missionaries.


Takashi and Naomi Wada

Letter to Dad - 13 October, 2014

Hey Dad!!
Wow, you are on Facebook now? That is big news!! ;) haha You are going to be a powerful influence. It is incredible how the Lord prepares not only people and places but technology for His purposes. Be a force for good. The internet needs more of that, and your bright smile and moving testimony will bless so many lives. I know that it has changed mine for forever. :) The tender way that you talk about the gospel and how much it means to you really strikes my heart, and I love listening to you speak. That is one thing I miss from when you were bishop. Your talks were always so powerful and always touched my heart. Thank you, Dad. I love you. :) Also, we can use Facebook every single day, and are encouraged to. We can teach lessons over chat, and we can post inspirational things as prompted by the Spirit. Richard I. Heaton who is an Administrator for the MTC . . .I think . . .said that we should not think of how to put Facebook into our missionary work, but instead think of the people that we want to serve and how to meet investigator's needs and Facebook will naturally fit into the work that we plan. I like to think of it that way. I testify that as you try to reach out to people you will experience the same thing. Facebook will naturally fit into the way that you communicate with everyone in an uplifting way. :)
Dad, General Conference was so incredible!! I could not have even imagined it being so amazing! :) As a missionary I feel like I got so much out of it because I was actively trying to receive revelation, and record it. I got 18 pages of really good notes haha. Those men are called of God. I know it. I know that what they teach is so vital, and that as we listen to them we will be strengthened. We will be given direction. We will be given power to overcome all of satan's temptations. Not just one or two. Every single one of them. The scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon, provide a shield that is incredibly strong, and that satan cannot penetrate. I love the analogy of the little boat, that no matter how small it is, all of the water in the world can not sink it unless it lets it in. Similarly, all of the temptations in the world cannot harm us, unless we let them into our boat. "Get in the boat, wear a lifejacket, and hold on with two hands." We will be protected and led by these mighty men of God.
As for the Typhoons, they are a blast! We really don't go out in them that much, and we are instructed to stay inside when it gets really bad, but it just rains, and rains, and rains. It has been raining for a few hours at this point. We have been out a bit, and the front half of my pants are completely soaked. haha It is a blast here. I love it. :) It is so so so green!! Where there aren't buildings or streets (which is most of the area haha) it is green. :) However, one thing that I really do miss is yards. Our yard at home (in AF) is HUGE compared to anything that I have seen here in Japan. Also, I think one of the biggest differences with the houses in Japan and at home is the size and shape. They build up. If you took our garage and built two stories on top of it, that would be a pretty big house in Japan, and about the right shape. They just don't build sideways. By the way, that drain looks awesome!!
Thank you so much for the piano music. It is perfect. The only other song that I thought of was In Dreams, the really pretty gentle song from LOTR that I have. But if you can't find it that is fine. :) I really didn't appreciate playing piano as much until I got out here, and now that I haven't played it as much, and when I do it really really impresses/helps people, I absolutely love it. It is a super good way for people to see my talents, and to be my friend more. I don't know how, but I feel like it really helps to build the relationship of trust that it talks about in How To Begin Teaching in PMG.
Wow, I guess I talk a lot, huh? It is funny when I look at my emails and the emails that other missionaries send. I am really a chatter box when it comes to my family. :) I am doing fantastic, and I will send some more stuff about this week to Mom. :) Also, I will get a picture of my bike for next week! It is back at the apartment and we are at the church right now. :) Thanks for everything, Dad. Your letters are so amazing, and I love seeing your face pop up in the computer screen to show who it was sent from. I love you, Dad. Thanks for your example to me, and for how you have taught me to really live the gospel, and show love for other people. You know how to love like the Savior did, and that is something that I am really trying to gain. Thank you. I love you and miss you!!
Love, Elder Livingston
P.S. Make sure that you take mom on a date. I don't know why I put that there, it just popped into my head, and it sounds like you have been busy, so this weekend at the latest take mom on a date and just relax, okay? And if it looks like you might not have time, schedule the date first. I promise that you will have time to do all that you need. :) Keep up the good work, Dad! Love you!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Photos - 6 October, 2014

This is the conveyor belt random sushi comes on!

Conveyor belt of random sushi

This is part of the cup of noodles I designed at the cup of noodle museum!

Frog and Toad

This is part of Tokyo bay, looking from Yokohama

Elder Livingston in the photo of Tokyo bay, looking from Yokohama

Yokohama buildings on Tokyo Bay.

A Birthday in Japan!! - Letter to Family - 6 October, 2014

Hey!! :) This week has been amazing!! Thank you so so so much for the package, and for everything that you sent. Including the love that you sent. ;) haha I have a TON to write, so I may  just send a long email to everyone, instead of one to mom and dad. Is that okay? :)
Okay, first of all, I am just following up (that is what good missionaries do, right? ;) haha) about music. Is there any way you can scan the Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and the other songs I said? I really would love them. If not, then that is totally fine. I am just wondering. :) Second, I have a specific request for Dad and Sam. I may have volunteered you without asking. :) What I mean is that one of our investigators, Norton san, loves languages. He has read books in Japanese, English, German, Portuguese, French, and Latin. Needless to say, he was very interested when I said that my dad spoke German and my brother-in-law spoke Portuguese. I told him that if he wanted to practice, I would forward emails to you, and that you could respond in your language. Is that okay? It shouldn't be anything super time consuming, he just wants the practice the language a little. I will forward the emails when he sends them to me. Thanks so much in advance if you can! If not, just let me know.
Second, my birthday was so great! The Nelson couple actually gave me some chopsticks, and invited us over to dinner last Wednesday for an early birthday party. :) haha Brother Nelson is really good at ping pong, so we had a blast just playing a ton of that too. (I feel like my ping pong skill has increased so much in Japan! Partly because I'm just in Japan . . . ;) haha but we also play it for game night with our investigators on the weekend) They are so nice. We had a really good lesson with them at that dinner appointment. We went in wanting to teach the Restoration, so we first asked what they knew about it (they have been seeing missionaries for a few years, and Brother Nelson LOVES the Book of Mormon) and he told us the story pretty well. He kept mentioning faith specifically though, so Elder Squire asked what faith was to him. We then talked for a bit about faith, and hope, and that led us into the Atonement somehow. We found out that he doesn't have a testimony of the Atonement. He doesn't see how Christ could perform the Atonement. It was a huge breakthrough for us. Of course he isn't progressing, if he doesn't have a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. We gave him a talk by Brad Wilcox called "His Grace is Sufficient" and it beautifully explains grace and the Atonement. The thing is, we had decided to give it to him that morning, and we honestly can not remember why we thought that was a good idea. We were teaching the Restoration . . .grace does not come up in the Restoration lesson, really. But the Spirit prompted us to do what was needed for our investigator, and so we were able to give him that talk. He said he wants to read it so so much, and then we can all talk in simple Japanese and find the truth. Which brings me to my next point; the language.
The language is so hard. I'll be honest, that I often have to remind myself that I don't need to be perfect now. Where I feel I am is: I can say basically anything that I want about the gospel, I can understand a bit about what others say of the gospel, and my conversational Japanese is pretty negligible, although I can follow some conversations if I can hear enough familiar words. That probably is a bit harsh of an explanation (you know how I can be kind of critical of myself), but that is about where I feel I am. And then I remember that I am just transfer one. And I breathe again. :) I know that I don't need to be perfect now. I know that I will be able to speak Japanese fluently. I have a promise, and I am going to hold the Lord to that promise by working and being worthy of His Spirit. So the language is hard, but it is coming. :)
Let's see . . .I extended my first baptismal commitment this week! :D I asked Morgan Kyodai to be baptized, but he still doesn't feel a sense of urgency. He says that when he retires he will get baptized. He knows that the gospel is true, but he doesn't feel the need to act on it now. Which I think comes from the fact that his actual knowledge of the gospel is limited, even though he has been an investigator for about 20 years. We found out that he doesn't know a ton (except he knows a lot about the plan of salvation) about all of our doctrine, so we are just going to start at base one and teach him from there. His wife is a strong member, and super nice. She actually gave me some socks for my birthday! haha the people here are so nice. :)
Hmmm, let's talk about today. Today was way fun. We went to a Cup of Noodle museum. Yes, you read that right. It is an entire museum devoted to the man that created the first instant ramen, and eventually the cup of noodles. And you get to make your own specialized cup of ramen! :) I will send pictures later. :) Also, guess where we went?? To a pokemon store . . .yes, a pokemon store. I am pretty sure that my life has come full circle. It was so nostalgic, and such a blast to be there. I thought the nostalgia was over, but then we went to a store across the building, and guess what I found. Frog and Toad. Yes, the frog and toad books from the library that we read all the time when we were little. It was so crazy to see them in Japan!! I freaked out, and almost bought them! haha I may go back and buy them later. ;)
About Christmas. I really honestly do not know what to tell you to get me. I absolutely loved what you sent in my birthday package!! Just little stuff like that. :) Probably not sheet music though. I don't have time to learn knew songs, but old ones that I have might be good. Let's see . . .you know, I may have to think about that one. Remind me about it again next week, okay? :) I needed to ask a couple questions about money though. I really want to get people stuff for Christmas (I don't think that I really have money to get everyone birthday stuff and send it, but I definitely want to get everyone stuff during Christmas time), but I don't know how much to spend on people because it is pretty expensive here. Were you thinking just about 10-20 dollars per person? (Remember, I tried to save money, but ultimately it is your money). I just want a price range so I can start looking. I also don't know how much to spend on myself here. There is a lot of cool stuff, but I have pretty much refrained from getting stuff (except those cheap books, they were at a recycle/thrift store) for myself. I want some stuff for memories, but I don't want to just blow your money.
Thank you so much for not spoiling conference! I am so looking forward to hearing from all of the prophets and apostles. They really are called by God, and their words really strengthen me. I read their talks a lot, and they have such good insights. I can't wait to see what they have said recently. Also, good job Audge!! I am sure that this past week (and maybe even now, I don't know) have been crazy, but I know that you did a fantastic job, and that no one could have done it better. I will pray for you Ammon, and I really hope that you are getting better. It is going to be okay, and I know that you will be stronger after you are done healing. Don't worry. There is a reason that this happened, so try to find out why the Lord allowed this to happen. He doesn't allow trials to happen unneccesarily. You are a powerful teacher, and I know that you will continue to be even better through the Lord.
Lastly, there is this things on called the My Family booklet. I was wondering if you could log on as me and start filling it out (I am so so sorry that I have asked you to do so much. This is something President Wada asked us to ask you). I need to fill it out online, so that I can have the stories to write in a book I have here, so that I can share it with other people.
Okay, now lastly. ;) haha We had zone conference last week and it was absolutely amazing!! President and Sister Wada came, along with the Assistants to the President, and they taught us a bunch of different stuff. The Spirit was so strong, and I absolutely loved it. They are called of God, and they have led us, and will continue to lead us, so so well. Including through the Typhoon these past couple days. ;) If you have been watching about weather here, you know it rained a lot. It was a typhoon! haha It was so great. It started raining sometime Saturday night and stopped this morning at about 11. :) There is NO rain like that in Utah!! (Japanese must be getting to me. I almost typed that sentence as "There is NO rain that like in Utah!" haha by the way, Japanese is completely backwards from English. For example, if I wanted to say: "I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet because I have prayed about it" I would say "I, prayed because, Joseph Smith prophet is, know." fun random tangent for the day! haha) Anyway, this has been a super long email. There is so much more that I could tell you, but there really just isn't time to put it all into an email. I had real sushi this week! It was fantastic. The salmon was my favorite. :) The tempura shrimp was super good too. I didn't like the squid or octopus too much, but it wasn't bad ;) haha
I love you all so so so so so so much!! I miss you, but I am so glad that I am out here serving. :) It is perfect. The people of Japan are so incredible, and I love when I get to talk about the gospel with them. It isn't easy, and often people don't have an interest. You just want to give them the gospel, because you know it is true and it will help them! But they still have agency. :) Even though when people don't have interest it is sad, you keep working with them. Don't give up when things get hard. The Lord gives us trials because they make us so strong. Don't let the people that you love go without the gospel. Share it with them slowly. Share it with them a bit at a time. Share it through your example. The Lord knows what will help them, and often most importantly when they need it. Trust His timing even if it is slower than you would like. I love you so much. <3
Love, Elder Livingston

Note: Some names have been changed for privacy.

(Typhoon Phanfone) Letter From President and Sister Wada - 5 October, 2014

Dear Parents,

I hope you will soon receive messages from your missionaries. I would like to quickly update Typhoon Phanfone. It has passed Tokyo area this morning while missionaries stayed in their apartments.  We now enjoy sunny Monday afternoon. Although we experienced heavy rain, all missionaries are safe and sound. For missionaries in the Yokohama zone, they will have a preparation day on Tuesday due to the temple visit. You may not hear from them today.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve with your wonderful missionaries.


Takashi and Naomi Wada

Photos - 29 September, 2014

A Beetle

Funny - Elder Squire feeding Elder Livingston while blindfolded.

Elder Squire was a little tired on the train, ;)

We made Piñatas for our English class party!

Piñata photo #2.

Me and brother Nelson playing a game on his go board.

Note: Some names changed for privacy.

Letter to Dad - 29 September, 2014

Hey Superman ;)

How are you? How is that new phone working for you?? haha It looks so so so cool!! I wish that I could see it in person. :) It definitely looks huge in the photo. I also hope that you and Ammon are seeing success as you are working on the app. I will definitely be praying for you. Don't worry, you will have success, and you will have the money that you need. The Lord always provides for those that follow His commandments. However, don't wait for a complete sense of security to follow the promptings that you have. You may need to dive in to what you felt prompted to do before you feel completely comfortable. And that is exactly how the Lord needs it to be sometimes. So just trust Him. If you really feel like you were inspired to do it, follow it. The Lord most often brings miracles after our faith has been tested.

Thank you so much for praying for the Lord's investigators here in Hodogaya. They are incredible people, and I really do love them. The Lord will help them progress. I know it. And dad, I know that your prayers help. Thank you so much. As far as general conference goes, we don't actually get to see it until the 11th and 12th, so tell everyone in the family not to send anything about the talks until after then!! ;) haha I want them to be a surprise/the first time that I have heard them. One really cool part about doing it this way though is that we get to read the talks while listening to them for the first time, so we can be more focused and get even more meaning, as well as highlight and underline parts that we like while listening to the talk. I am super excited for that. :) I know that the people who talk in conference are called of God. He inspires them and teaches them what they need to say. As you and the rest of the family (as well as the rest of the world) listen to the prophets I know that you will receive guidance. And remember, the guidance that you get in conference is very sacred. Record it somewhere that you can find and refer to often. When the Lord sees you treasuring the things that He gives you, He is so willing to give you more and more. So record it. One thing that I loved from the Character of Christ talk in the MTC is that we should take notes that are like the small plates of Nephi instead of the large plates. Notes that are sacred and special, and more conicse. They are not just huge compilations of history, or what the person said. Listen to the Spirit.

Dad, you are such a good example to me of missionary work. I think of the influence that you had as bishop as well as mission leader often. I really appreciate the work that you did so much more now, and I see just how important those callings are (along with all others, I just see those two a lot right now). Don't think that now that you aren't specifically called to serve as a missionary that you should stop though. The Lord needs you to continue to reach out. One thing that I loved that I heard in my Zone meeting was about housing, but is really applied to all aspects of missionary work, especially here in Japan. Our zone leader said something to the effect of, "There is absolutely nothing normal about two tall white boys going and knocking on the door of a Japanese person in the middle of Japan, speaking Japanese, and talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You might as well make it even more weird by boldly declaring what you know to be true." I loved that. It is so true. But it applies so much in life. Boldly declare what you know, Dad. You have such an amazing testimony. Share it. Don't be scared to tell people what you know to be true. If they don't want to hear it, but they know that you shared it because you love them, they won't be offended. Try to look for those that could use your testimony this week. The Lord will guide you if you do.

I love you so much dad! Thank you so much for all of your emails, and for all that you do for the Lord and for our incredible family!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Livingston

Letter to the Family - 29 September, 2014

I don't know if miracles happen in Japan because of the candy-man or not (the candy-man can! . .just think of the song haha), but they definitely can because of sushi chefs!! But more on that later. ;)

How is everyone?! It sounds like this week has been great, and I am so happy for Dad and Ammon that they got the new phones! That is so cool, and I will say that I am a bit envious. I'll just have to live with my iPad mini for now. ;) And the pumpkins look awesome!! Thanksgiving Point is so so cool. That is one thing that they don't have any of here in Japan. Space. There really is no space. People don't have yards like we do. They don't have houses like we do. Everything is very tall, and you build up instead of out. Honestly, the rooms in our house are huge and spacious compared to anything here. Also, the streets are super super narrow! It is crazy. You walk and ride your bike right past cars all of the time. At first I was nervous here, but it is so normal now. You watch out for cars, and they watch out for you. :)

Well, let's see. I will start by answering questions. Piano seems to pop up a lot, and I have definitely forgotten that in the past, so I will start there! haha Here in Japan, I don't play a whole ton. The Nelson couple actually has a piano, so I played there today! We had the music for If You Could Hie to Kolob, so I played that. We actually went today with Sister Nelson to an old folks home and me and Elder Squire sang that song, as well as Come Thou Fount in Japanese. And then we sang Israel Israel God is Calling in English. It was funny, one of the old ladies we talked to a tiny bit afterwards was like, "Wait, you are speaking Japanese?" haha I think that sometimes people are surprised that we can speak Japanese. Elder Squire said that he has been housing before and people have seen him and said, "I'm sorry, I don't speak English," and he just thinks, "Well, we were just speaking Japanese . . .not English." haha But, there is a surprising amount of English here, and quite a few people know a tiny bit of English.  Lots of people enjoy speaking in English, so strangely enough I speak quite a bit of English even with Japanese people. It is great. But, back to piano! Today was the first time I have really played here, but in the MTC I would play pretty much every week. It is so great, and I am so grateful that I know how. I actually have a favor to ask of you. Will you scan some of my music and send it to me in an email so that I can play it? I tell people I play, but I don't have anything memorized right now. So I need music. Specifically I was thinking: A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, Consider the Lilies, maybe In Dreams, maybe You Raise Me Up, stuff like that, that sounds really nice. And if you find any spiritual or just beautiful, spirit inviting songs (which is why I think those other two are still good) please send them! I can play from my iPad as long as I have pictures of them. That would be super helpful.

Well mom, in answer to your question, I usually eat granola for breakfast. And toast ;) haha we actually have a family in our ward that buys us a ton of bread and bread products (like rolls and stuff) every week! They are so kind. That is one thing about Japanese people. Everyone is nice. It is so cool. I will admit though, we also get ignored a lot. People just ignore you when you say hello to them, or try to talk to them. And if you are already sitting on the train they generally don't sit down next to you. But, it's okay. :) The Lord will lead us to those that are prepared to hear His word. That's what we are really here to do. :) As far as other food here, we eat a lot of curry, stew, and yakisoba (noodle stuff). The food is all better than the MTC, and I love it. We actually went to an Endo curry (Himalayan style curry) place my first or second day in Hodogaya, and it has all you can eat Na'an!! It is so so so good.

Oh, Dad, in our area we have four Elders and two Sisters. The picture that you have on my blog that says "Elder Livingston with some other missionaries at the temple" is actually my entire district, I just forgot to include a subscript thing at that time. Those are all of the people in my area. And yes, we are the only Hodogaya area/ward.

But, what I really want to send to you is a couple experiences that we had with a sushi chef. ;) haha Morgan Kyodai, our investigator, is a part time sushi chef. It is his old full time job, and he still does it because he loves it. However, it is that job, not really his normal one, that makes him work on Saturday and Sunday. We first met with Morgan Kyodai my first week here, I believe. He has been investigating the church for about 20 years. His wife and daughter are both active members but he is not. When we met with him, he said that he actually believed that the church was true, but that he didn't want to join until after he retired so that he could go to church. We have been praying for him. This last week we had a training in Zone meeting about housing. So we decided to house. Originally we were going to go somewhere else, but Elder Squire said that he wanted to drop off a thank you note with a little message to Morgan Kyodai (He had brought some sashimi to our ward party and then left super fast. I'll send pictures of that later). We dropped it off, about 45 minutes to an hour before he usually gets home, so we didn't expect to see him. And then he pulled up. That was the first miracle. His wife said that it was the first time that he has ever come home that early, and she was so shocked. We talked to him and shared a little message about charity, and thanked him. We also asked if we could start meeting with him every week and he said that usually he had Friday off, and to just please call!! We were so happy! It truly was a miracle.

I'd stop there, but the Lord had more in store for Morgan Kyodai. This Sunday we finished sacrament meeting and looked down at our phone, and the Sisters had messaged us saying that they had seen him walk in the back for sacrament meeting. We booked it to the back of the chapel, and saw him before he left. He was wearing a suit and looked great. It was the biggest miracle in the world. He said that he had an unexpected break from work and wanted to come, so he did. He still left pretty quick, but he came. He came to church. It was something that we never thought would happen last week, but he came. The Lord really is working in the lives of our investigators. I know that to be true.

Well, I could drone on for hours (and make Ammon jealous by showing him how we played on a Go board ;) haha we didn't actually play go this time, but some other games that Nelson Kyodai showed us. I'll send pictures.) But I want you to know that this work can not be done by missionaries alone. We need the help of members. I have seen that so much more out here on a mission than I ever thought about in Utah. Please, help the missionaries. Give them people that they can teach (as directed by the Spirit) and just always support them. They have such a big job. Go with them to lessons, befriend their investigators. And if you don't have any in the ward, find less-actives that they can teach. The Lord doesn't want just a bunch of missionaries in His vineyard, He wants everyone. I like to think of the missionary force as a flagship. We are there to pave the way, find a bunch of people, and really dive into teaching people full time. But the flagship can not do it alone. It needs the support of the entire nation behind it in order to succeed. We need your help. Dad referenced this in his email to me without knowing it, but here in Tokyo South there are what we call three levels of consecration: First, work hard. Second, work smart. Third, work inspired. When we can move from just working hard to working smart, and then from working smart to inspired (completely following the Holy Ghost being the goal), then we will be able to accomplish what the Lord needs us to do. Always look to Him. He will guide you. I promise.

I love you all so so much, and I hope that you have a fantastic week! Be safe, and don't forget how much I love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

Note: Some names changed for privacy.