Sunday, December 27, 2015

Blitz! And Other Great Things - Letter to Mom - 25 October, 2015

Hey Mom!

I was really pleased to get your email and the pictures of all of the different people's costumes at the Halloween party! That looks like it was a blast! Again, today we are typing on the trains as we go to and from the dentist, so I may not be able to make this email as long as I would like too. Especially because I need to email Jenna's parents as well this week. It has been too long since I have done that. Do you ever talk with her parents? I feel like you would get along super well! Just a random question. :) but, to dive into this week, we had a blitz!!

I feel like I have explained what a blitz is, so I will just add the stuff that made this one special. The first thing is that we put together a booth/stand that we were going to put up in front of the station. We checked with the station and with the police to make sure it was okay, and they said it was! So we set that up and....10 minutes into it they told us to take it down. :( apparently they hadn't told us everything and the form we needed to fill out had not been given to us. Bummer. :P but, other than that it was great! As a zone (18 missionaries) we gave out 27 copies of the Book of Mormon, and talked to close to 90 people in just three hours! It was great! I was super blessed to be able to give out 10 of those 27 with the people that I was with, or alone (talking one on one with people as my companion did the same). So that was a great day. But, I had one particular experience that stood out to me. That was when we talked to these four high school boys.

I was on splits with a great elder by the name of Elder Yamamoto. He is super nice. We were just contacting people on the street, and we ran in to these four boys who talked with us for a little bit. But I payed more attention to their different personalities than I ever have before in my mission. The two boys in the furthest right were just laughing and not really paying attention to what we were saying. They were there because their friends were there, and because talking to foreigners was a novel thing for them. There was the one on the far right who seemed mildly interested, at least enough to talk to us for a minute. And then there was the kid that was two in from the left. I watched him, and his eyes. He took in everything that we had to say to them. I could tell that it was sinking deep into his heart. We gave all of them copies of the Book of Mormon. I watched as he took it. I could tell he would read it. No doubt. I know that he will find truth in there.

It was amazing to see the converting power in a testimony and in the Book of Mormon displayed so powerfully on the streets next to a slot machine casino in the streets of Mizonokuchi. It was incredible to see the spirit whisper to four boys, being completely shut out by two, almost shut out by one, but then piercing the heart of the fourth. It was awe inspiring to feel a small part of the love that our Heavenly Father has for these boys as I desired for them to come closer to Christ.

You know, there are a lot of things as a missionary you can write about. You could write about how you ate funky food that week. You could write about how great the members are, or the details of a lesson that you had with your investigators. But when it comes down to it, you only have two years to become special witnesses of Christ. So that's what I want to become. I love you and I pray for you. I hope that you will be able to overcome your sickness soon. I miss you! I hope you have the best week ever. I want to leave you with my testimony of Christ.

Mom, I know that Christ lives. He was born in Bethlehem and, like everyone, died. But, He rose from the dead. The divine nature of the Son of God allowed him to forever shatter the shackles of death and sin. The divine mercy of that same Son extended those same blessings to His younger brothers and sisters. The divine grace of our Savior enables us to take hold upon those blessings. Do not forget the divine sacrifice of our Redeemer. I testify that He lives and loves you.


Elder Livingston

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