Sunday, December 27, 2015

Craziness - Letter to Dad - 18 December, 2015

Dear Dad,

How are you doing? I hope you are okay. It sounds like you had a hard week this past week, and I will be praying extra hard for you. You are so incredible, and I look up to you so so so much. Don't worry about things that don't work out perfectly in life, whether it is small or big. Follow the Lord and trust in Him. There will be nothing lost when you put everything into the hands of the Lord. :)

That is definitely something that I have been learning here in the Mission Office, and something that I want to continue learning more and more about. There is so so so much that we have to do. I guess I'll give you sort of a rundown of what we have done so far here. I got here on Thursday and immediately was with the new missionaries (the ones that had just barely gotten to Japan). That was super fun. I just got to be there for their last training, about using Mobile Devices, and then we saw them off with their trainers. After that we had to get everything ready for the returning missionaries (Yes, our
mission does send them home on Fridays for right now, and for as long as I can remember). We had to get all of the beds and things that we needed ready, and it took a while, but it was fun. Then we went and got some dinner, and then came back and had to do weekly planning and planning for some meetings that were coming up while we were in the office making sure that nobody went upstairs and interrupted the dinner that the missionaries have with President and Sister Wada. So, that went well, just a really busy day.

Friday we got up and had breakfast with the returning missionaries and the Wada's (that was SO good! I love food at the Mission Office, because it is so amazing). And then we needed to spend basically the rest of the time that the returning missionaries had here with them. We did that, and then we took them with President and Sister Wada to the bus stop. We walked there, and stood there for quite a while in the cold, but it was just so heart-wrenching. Watching the expressions
in the Wada's faces as well as those in the faces of the missionaries just tore the heartstrings of me and Elder Richardson (this is his first time sending missionaries home too). I definitely cried. Haha. I am not looking forward to that part of being an Assistant too much in the next however long I am AP. :) haha

After that we had some office work that we had to do, and all sorts of emails and things like that, so we were busy for a couple of hours, and then we just went out and talked to people! It was so good. We got to talk to a few people, came back and then set my bike back up after taking it apart for shipping, and then took the bikes out to meet a recent convert and a potential investigator. They didn't end up being home, which was really sad, but it was good to be out. We then went and knocked a couple of doors, and nobody was that interested. But it gave Elder Richardson and I a good chance to talk about our companionship, and what we want to become, and how we can be better missionaries. It is really strange to think about being an Assistant. I really don't feel like I am. I just feel like normal me. :) haha after that we booked it home, had District Meeting, and then we went to bed, and then today we have just done a little bit of shopping for pens/notes/things like that, and we are now sitting on our beds emailing (one of the perks of living in the office! Haha). It has overall been really busy but so good. Elder Richardson is absolutely incredible! I have loved working with him,and his love for the work is just so great. I am excited to work with him from here on out as well. We could very well end up being each other's longest companions. So, that has been really nice. He actually grew up in Orem, and his dad used to be in the Sunday School General Presidency. :)

I love being a missionary. I have just felt the drive to be a better missionary more this week than at any other time in my mission. I love serving the Lord and just getting out there and talking to as many people as I can. It is so so so so amazing to just serve others, and do all that you can to help them come closer to their Heavenly Father, someone who they have such a deep relationship with that they just don't realize. :) I love this work, and I know that the Church is true.

Christ lives. I bear my witness as a representative of Him.

Love you,

Elder Livingston

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