Sunday, December 27, 2015

Temples and Raised Vision - Letter to Dad - 23 November, 2015

Hey, Dad!

Thanks for your email, yesterday! I loved it. It is good to hear that things are still going well at home. :) I hope that the business continues to go well. I know that the Lord will continue to guide you, so don't worry. :) I want to talk a little bit this week about the temple experience that I had today, and about raising our vision.

So, today at the temple I was doing all that I could to think about the people that we are working with, as well as the things that I could do for the zone. I wasn't sure what to do, and so I just thought about that as I went through the endowment session. It was a good session, but the best, as usual, was in the Celestial Room. I sat there and prayed, asking God what I could do to help the investigators that we had, and the zone that we have here. And he asked me to think about SH for a minute. He asked me to picture him in the temple clothing, in the Celestial Room. I did everything that I could to picture it, which wasn't too hard, but then the Lord expanded my vision a little more. He taught me what SH would feel like when he made it to that room for the first time. He then took me through the same process with another of our investigators, K. It was incredible to feel what the Lord wanted me too. My vision for them as a person and their possibility definitely got higher. I was allowed to see a glimpse into the heavenly love and view of potential that the Lord sees in each and every one of us. :) I loved it so so so much. :)

So, then I asked about the zone. And he took me through the same process. :) haha Except, this time instead of them walking into the Celestial Room I was able to picture them on the streets, talking to people and inviting them to come unto Christ. I was able to see them finding new investigators and really helping those people come to God by promising to him through the covenant of baptism. He told me, once again, to raise my vision. That has definitely been the theme for this
week. Raising our vision is so important.

What are some of the goals that you have made recently? Is there anything that you could do to raise those goals? Do those goals make you stretch? Are they goals that you can keep track of? I hope that you have lots of good goals. I feel like you do. :) when I think of the man that you are and have become, I definitely have realized that you must have had goals to help you become like that. I hope that you continue to set good goals. :) I love you so much!

Dad, you are such an incredible example, and I pray for you and Mom and the family. :) Know that I love you. Give lots of thanks to lots of people this week, and more than that do all that you can to live in a Spirit of Thanksgiving!! :) <3 I love you!! To the Moon and Back!!


Elder Livingston

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