Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Supporting Hand - Letter to Dad - 6 December, 2015

Hello my loving father!!

How are you doing? Things going well at home with the family and with the business? Any new apps that have come out that were amazing, or things that have jumped up a lot with the new apple products this year? I haven't heard anything that has come out, except for seeing a couple of posters for the iPad pro, or whatever it is called. :) haha Let me know what's going on! :) Oh, and how is the ward? How is bishop? Do you know if he ever got the letter that all of the priests in the ward circulated from mission to mission before getting it to him? :) If you haven't heard of that, don't ask him. Ask Jared and Brandon if it made it to them (it should. I started it and sent it to Jared).

So, one thing that I definitely felt this week was the supporting hand of the Lord in my life. Mostly on Thursday with the Mission Leadership Council. Elder Cook and I had done the best that we could to prepare for it, but there was a lot of things that got in the way (splits and things like that) so we didn't feel quite as prepared as we would have liked. We got to MLC and I really just prayed so so hard that the Lord would help us give the training that He and President Wada needed us to, and that everything would go well. And then we got up and we started to talk. We passed the conversation back and forth really well, and we covered the content that we needed to. Then we demonstrated. We got in the middle of the circle of everyone that was there and we just started to teach. We worked well together there, as well, and taught very simply. We were able to use the pamphlet that we were training on, and introduce baptism well. It was a really simple role play, but it went really well. We then had everybody plan and practice for themselves. It went really really well, and I definitely felt the supporting hand of the Lord.

With translating at MLC I have never felt the Lord work so powerfully through my language. I always seem to be able to speak a lot faster when I am translating, and my brain goes into this really weird phase of not thinking. haha You have to listen to what they are saying and be talking at the same time, so you have to not focus too much on one or the other. The middle ends up being this weird limbo where words just kind of come in your ear in one language and come out in another. It was good, though. :) haha I was able to really feel the Holy Ghost blessing me with the gift of tongues and even though I hadn't been able to prepare for that as much as I would have liked either, it went really well. I am so grateful for the Lord and for how he supports us.

Dad, I promise you that no matter what you have come up in your life, no matter what happens with the company, as long as you rely on the Lord you are going to be okay, and it is going to work out. That is just what happens. The Lord calls us, and then He qualifies us. I can testify to that, and I have felt it very powerfully this week. I have noticed over the course of my mission that I have sent countless emails home just telling how things were hard, or didn't work out, and then relying on the Lord made it all okay. It's true, you know. ;) That's why it keeps popping up. I know that the Lord is guiding each and every part of our lives, and I hope that you can see that. Rely on Him.

I love you so so much, Dad! I hope that you were able to get everything done with the magazine that needed to so that you could send it in early. Did that work out? I am really really excited to see it! I love you!!


Elder Livingston

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