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The Power of Scriptures - Letter to Dad - 8 November, 2015

Hey Dad!!

I feel like I talk about this with you all of the time, but I would love to just again emphasize the importance of the scriptures, and I have a great experience to go with it!

First, last Monday, late afternoon, we called N to invite him to come to FHE at the church, and he told us he was done. He was never going to join the church, or come to church, and he didn't want us to come back. I hung up the phone more than a little bit shaken up, but at the same time really peaceful. The Spirit was definitely there to help me. At the same time, I knew that he had done this before, and there was a possibility he was just having a bad day. :) The more that I thought about it and the other factors that could've played into why he would call us and say that, the more convinced I was that it was just a drunk N in the heat of the moment. So, Elder Cook and I went on Friday to check it out!

I was right. ;D haha

He welcomed us in with open arms and said, "I knew that you would come back! I said not, but I knew that you would come. I have missed you a lot! It's been over a week, right?" It had been about four days since we had talked with him. haha As I had thought, he had been drunk and had just bought some new alcohol, so he was feeling particularly guilty and didn't want us to come over and see that. We were able to introduce Elder Cook to him, and we gave him a triple combination. I have never seen any one person so excited to receive scriptures in my entire life!! He was blown away, and saying over and over that this was the only present that he had ever wanted, and he loved it. He was waving it around in the air, and kissed it once. :) haha It was cool to see him get excited to read the Doctrine and Covenants, though. He already finished the Book of Mormon, so this is his next step. He thinks that he can do it in a month. I don't doubt him. :) haha he came to church again on Sunday, but we feel like he is still struggling a lot, and we aren't sure with what. Please pray for him to open up to us just a little bit more.

But, that brings me to talking about the scriptures again. This has for sure always been the strongest point in N’s conversion. :) I ran across a couple of verses that I would love to share with you. :) The first one is the scripture that I am ponderizing this week. It is 3 Nephi 7:16-18. This is the kind of missionary that I want to become. :) My favorite part is in verse 18 where it says that people could not disbelieve the things that he was saying. That for sure did not mean that everybody got baptized. But he was that good of a teacher. Can you believe that? I guess you can't not believe it, right. ;D haha But I have been thinking a lot about what it means to become that kind of a teacher. How can you be so good at teaching that people can not disbelieve your words? But, there was a reason why he was so good. If you continue to read it says that because of his faith in Christ, he was ministered to every single day by angels. Every single day. That is incredible faith.

Dad, I want to bear my testimony of something to you, something that struck me. It does not say that he saw angels everyday. Now, that is very likely as well, but it says he was ministered to. I know that angels are ministering to you daily. I hope that you can feel that. I know that they are helping you in every single aspect of the work to which you are dedicated right now. That means that they are helping you with your scripture study. They are helping you in your prayers. They are protecting you from temptations that you don't know are even there. They are lifting you up when your knees feel too feeble to stand. Remember them. As a holder of the Aaronic priesthood you have the right to the ministering of angels. That is pretty cool. :)

The scriptures have power. Lots of it. I challenge you to find a new way this week to incorporate scripture more in your life. Maybe set the background of your screen at work, or your phone, to some sort of scripture. Without even realizing it, the power of the Atonement will flow more powerfully into your life, and you will recognize how the Savior is helping you in your everyday life. :) What a blessing it is to be able to yield our hearts unto Him.

I love you so much, Dad! I hope that things continue to look up for the business, and that you will continue to receive daily guidance! Are you still praying with Ammon?? I hope that you are enjoying that still. :) That is precious time, too. Thanks for all that I have learned from your example! I love you, Dad!!


Elder Livingston

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