Sunday, December 27, 2015

Preparation for the Storm - Letter to Dad - 15 November, 2015

Hello, Dad!

Thanks for your email! It was great to hear from you. Thanks so much for saying that you are going to look into those scholarships! That would be so helpful. I know that some of them may be time sensitive as well, so that would do a lot for me. I definitely can't just get on and do them all of the time. But, I know that the Lord will provide a way for me to pay for the education that I need! :) Thanks for your help! 

So, if you read the title of this email, that has been what I felt like this last week was. This week is the "storm" of meetings, if you will, that we will be having. Today is Preparation Day, so we have a ton of things that we need to do here to prepare for the week. Tomorrow we have a zone meeting, that is completely run by us. So, that will take some preparation. We then are going on splits with the some other elders in Kawasaki, and then ending those spits on Wednesday, where we  have District Meeting in Kawasaki. :) We will also be in charge of an hour of trainings there. We then have to rush home to an appointments, and then finish off the night with a scouts english program we are starting! (Random request: Can you send me my uniform? That would be really nice. Being an Eagle Scout is helpful even in Japan. Their equivalent is a Fuji Scout, but not many people get it, so they look up to Eagle Scouts a lot). haha Thursday we will have weekly planning as well as normal English Class. Then Friday we have a zone conference run by President Wada and the assistants. That will take up basically all of the day. But, when that ends we will be having splits with the last companionship of elders in Kawasaki. That night we have Questions of the Soul put on by President Wada, and it is going to be great! Then, on Saturday we will have the district meetings for the Kanagawa and the Kohoku districts, and we will be in charge of another one hour training segment in the middle of those two things. So, that is our week, in a wrap. It is going to be really really busy, but there will be lots of time to receive revelation, and to learn from the fantastic people that I am surrounded with, so that will be good.

You know, when life hits and it is really hard, and there seems to be endless trials all around us, it can sometimes be hard to keep going. Sometimes I feel like I am in a swamp. I am standing, trying to move forward, but my boots are stuck too deep in the mud to keep going. When those times hit, whether here on a mission or at home, I have definitely learned that the solution is to get out of the mud. But how? We obviously need someone who is already above the mud to help lift us out. Sometimes that means that our boots will get stuck there and sucked in. That person is Christ, though. I love the beautify of the gospel. If there is something that we have, that we are holding on to, and can't let go, then we will be stuck in the mud. That mud has a lot of names. Anger, jealousy, lust, bitterness, sadness, etc. And we just need to get out of it. I challenge you to let go of anything that is keeping you from being the absolute best person that you can be. No matter how hard it is, just let it go. I don't think you have any of those things, by the way, Dad. :) This was just what came out while I was trying to think of what to write to you. But, if there is something that you want to improve about yourself, whether it be your scripture study, lesson preparation, workouts, sleep schedule, etc. I have no idea! But just decide to be better, and have faith the Lord will help you. Just trust Him. :) I think that sometimes we complicate things. There are definitely some things I need to let go of! Everybody does. :) There is only one person who is perfect. :) I am so grateful that the Savior is there to lift us up and to help us, any time, all the time. :) I love you, and I bear my witness that Christ lives.

This gospel is true. Live it and love it! :) I love you so so so much, Dad! I hope that you have a great day! Also, if you have any tips and trick to gain just a little more muscle with just your own bodyweight as a tool, I would love to hear them. ;) Thanks for everything!! I love you to infinity and beyond!


Elder Livingston

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