Sunday, December 27, 2015

Small Miracles - Letter to Dad - 26 October, 2015

Hey Dad!

I hope that you are having a good day so far! How was church? Did you get to teach class today? You are such a good teacher! Man, I wish you had been my Sunday school teacher. :) How is the business going? Anything big going on recently? Any new bids or projects? Are you still praying with Ammon before you start work every morning? Don't
forget it! ;) haha

So, I want to share just one small story of how I know the Lord is aware of us. I want you to think of the small miracles that you have seen recently as you read this story.

This last week where we left of with N he was not wanting to continue learning, but that day we met a 15 year old who wanted to hear our lesson. So, we went to meet him at the park where we had previously made an appointment to meet up. It was me and Elder Molen on splits that day, so that was fun (he is a transfer one missionary). We sat there waiting for him. And waiting. A guy pulled up on a yellow bike and started doing pull-ups on the swing set near us. And we waited. And waited. The guy finished his pull-ups and went to leave. We determined it would be better to talk to him before he left than to just sit there, so we called out to him. He came cruising over on his bike and started enthusiastically talking to us in English (this is not too uncommon. People love talking to us in English because they don't get to practice with foreigners very often). Then we start talking about religion, and he is extremely open! We taught about the pre-mortal life and how we do have a purpose on this world. He thought that was cool. We talked to him about how God knows who he is and what he needs to do. He said that he would love to know that path if he could. We promised him that he could if he prayed. We then explained about prayer, how it is a two way communication with God and us, and how if we pray we can feel the direction that God needs us to go. He liked that as well. So, we just invited him to pray with us right there! He said okay, so then we explained prayer. It was cool. Then we prayed with him. It was a super simple prayer, but when we ended he looked up set us and said, "I felt like I did talk with God." I had said the words, but he had still felt a connection with God. I thought about the miracle that is. We can connect with our Heavenly Father every single day of our lives if we will just open our hearts and speak with Him. That is a miracle to me.

After that experience I really thought about how Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us, and how His spirit can talk to all of His children. I know that is true. I know that Heavenly Father is infinitely aware of absolutely everything about us. He knows our faults and our sins perfectly. But, He also knows our strengths and hears our repentance perfectly. I am so grateful for that.

As for N, he is back in business! He actually ran out of alcohol this past weekend and committed to not buy anymore! :D so right now he is about 2-3 days without drinking at all! We are super proud of him and will be continuing to help and support him as he gets closer to following Christ. Please continue to pray for him! This is going to be quite the battle (sadly, some of the splash damage will probably fall on us haha). But I love him so much. That has been another cool miracle if being a missionary. Just seeing how much love you are capable of having or people that you just barely met. I will continue to pray and do all I can to help him as well. Thanks for everything, Dad!

I hope that you have a good week! Please take care of mom for me. I hope that she is okay. You said that you were in the middle of helping her, so I hope she's doing alright. Let her and the girls at home, as well as everyone else, know that I love them! Also, this Saturday is transfer emails, just so that you know! (I can not believe that transfers are already here!) Wow transfers just go by so so so fast. I can't believe just how fast the mission life goes. Anyway, have a great rest of your day, and I'll shoot ya another email in a week!! :)


Elder Livingston

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