Saturday, July 18, 2015

WOW - Letter to Mom - 12 May, 2015

Hey Mom!

Wow. I got to see you today. It was SO great to see you! I will admit though, that since we went to the temple I do not have as much time to write. This may be pretty short since we talked today. :) it was so good to see your smiling face! I love you so much. :)

So, today I had a way good day at the temple. I love it so much. I want to testify that the temple is a place of power and that the Spirit is incredibly strong there. :) I love it. I challenge you to make sure and go at least once a month. :) Also, do all that you can to take questions with you so that you can have the Spirit teach you in an even more personal way. :) I love it, and I wish I could go to the temple here with all of you! Maybe someday. :)

I also got to go and buy another jersey! Which is why you may notice there was money drawn out today. This is the jersey that I wanted for this area. It is the Japan national jersey that they had in the World Cup. It is so sweet. I'll send you some pictures later.

All in all the best part of today was seeing my very own family all together. I love you all :) I also heard there is a video of Emmett doing sit-ups and counting one two three! Haha I would love to see it. ;) I love you so much, Mom! Sorry this is so short! I hope that you had a good Mother's Day. :) you are the best mom in the universe.

Love, Tanner

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