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School - Letter to Dad - 25 May, 2015

Hey Dad!

How are you? By the way, I forgot to say, but please please let Spencer and Cameron know that I am so proud of them, and that they will love their missions. I am also happy for Megan that she will be married soon, and it is so crazy that Jared gets back really really soon. It has been different as a zone leader, and I love what you said that there are a lot of different ways that the Lord asks us to serve. I have felt that a lot as a zone leader. There are many times that you
just don't have the amount of time that you would like to go out and talk to people, or have lessons, because you have to plan things, email people, or go to various meetings. But at the same time, it is good. I honestly feel like a big part of what I am meant to do on my mission has to do with the missionaries I serve with, not just the investigators that I help. It is an aspect of missionary work that I didn't really think about before I came on my mission.

I am glad things are coming well with the apps that you are working on. I pray that they will continue to go well and that you can see your business take off. :) I know that it probably is not easy, but I can promise that as you work hard and learn and grow you will gain so much valuable experience, the vast majority of which should be the experience of relying on the Lord. :)

So, for some funny news this past English is suffering! Haha I have had so many mistakes, and I am sure that my emails are riddled with them as well (partly due to auto-correct I hope). :) haha despite that, I feel like my Japanese has not actually been progressing that much lately. So, with that in mind, I took the opportunity in one of my language studies to develop a system that I think should help me to learn it a lot better, especially because it includes spaced reviews.

So, I was in Yokohama today and I couldn't help thinking about how famous of a tourist spot it was, and wondering what your current thoughts are concerning the trip that you would like to make at the end of my mission! I also was thinking about it and I believe that the new mission president thing will not be a problem, as long as I go home at the same time as President Wada, which is what one of the new AP's thinks. :) I am actually really happy about that. I didn't really want a new mission president for just a couple of weeks. However, no matter what happens I know that the Lord is in charge. So, what are your thoughts? Also, you mentioned you got a cool book about Japan for Christmas, right? What kinds of things did it have in it?

One thing that I want to talk about now is Japanese culture in regards to schools. They are so crazy. Half good, half bad I think haha :). They definitely know how to work. I can say for sure that they know how to study much much better than anyone I ever knew in high school. They can literally study all day long for weeks at a time. Which is a good and a bad thing. I feel so bad for the students because of how stressed they get and how much they have to do. It is really like having a job. A Japanese job, which means you work a lot more than American labor laws says you should. It is sad in so many ways just how long of hours they have to work. But, they are also one of the hardest working nations in the world in my opinion, which is very commendable. One thing that a member said yesterday that stuck out to me, that I didn't think about, was that when he was on his mission and he had a foreign companion, they knew what they wanted to study in school, what they wanted to do for a job, what he wanted for a family, etc. like he just knew exactly how he wanted his future to go. And it stuck out to him that all foreigners were like that, at least Americans, but that Japanese people were not. So, my challenge to you is to always have that dream. It is a drive that really gave birth to American innovation. It is what pushes us to be better in so many ways. It is what turns a job into a lifetime enjoyable activity that you conveniently get payed for. :) haha always keep that dream, Dad. I think that you have always had that, and it has been a good example to me. I look up to you and how hard you have worked in your life. Never forget your dreams. :)

I know that the Lord is watching over you and our family. Trust Him. Sometimes that is easier said and done, and I can definitely testify to that. But never ever give up on Him, or leave Him. Because He has never given up on you, or left you, no matter how many mistakes you have made. I testify that He lives and love you. I love you so much, Dad. :) keep being amazing!


Elder Livingston

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