Saturday, July 18, 2015

Long Time No See - Letter to Dad - 17 May, 2015

Hey Dad!!

Sorry that I didn't get to email you last week. It was kind of a crazy day, with going to the temple, eating a huge hamburger (it had cherries on it, and it was so good!!), and then trying to fit in emails and shopping and stuff with what was left in the day. But, I have plenty of time this week, so that is good. :)

Anyway, this last week was so good! I absolutely loved seeing all of you. You all looked so great, and Emmett was absolutely adorable! :) It blew me away just how grown up he is. That is honestly one of the things that I am saddest about missing. But, I am so glad that I got to see a little tiny bit of his amazing, fun personality on the FaceTime call. Make sure to send a lot of videos of him for me!! :)

I am glad to hear that the tip app is coming along well! Has your apple watch come yet? When do those officially come out? What are some of the things that you are most excited to do with these new watches? What exactly can they do? I am excited to see just where technology will be when I get home. I have a feeling that things are going to be bafflingly amazing when I get home. :) haha I guess I will see quite a bit of the stuff that changes being here in Japan though.

Dad. You have to find out/hear/be enlightened about one of the most amazing types of restaurants ever. :) It is called Yakiniku. It literally translates to cook meat. :) haha basically you pay for an hour to ninety minutes of all you can eat. And then you go and load up your plate with....raw meat. :O Yep. Raw meat. And you cook it on a grill that is in front of you. :) it is so amazing and it tastes so so so good. If you come, you really have to get some. It's amazing. :)

Dad, thanks for everything! And thanks for your email! I love you so much, Dad!! Don't forget that!

I love you!!
Elder Livingston

P.S. What can I do for you? Anything? Love ya!

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