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Random Fact: Japan is... - Letter to Mom - 26 April, 2015

Hey Mom!! :)

How are you doing? You know, I haven't heard a whole ton about your health recently! I am sincerely hoping and praying that no news is good news, but please keep me informed. :) I love to hear all about your life! And thank you so so so so much for the pictures! They are perfect, and I can not wait to use them to introduce everyone! It is
going to be the best. :) (I also love that the amount of pictures that I have with Emmett in them is double anyone else, besides me of course haha) :) <3 Random fact: Emmett is one of the best ways to do missionary work! People are all shy and reserved at first, and then you whip a picture of him out and BAM!!!! they loosen up and talk about how cute he is. :) I love it.

Well, I have a lot to talk about this week, so please buckle your seat belts, sit down nice and comfy, and make sure that you keep your hands, arms, feet, head, and anything else that you would like to keep with you inside the vehicle at all times. The ride today should be smooth, although pretty fast. Due to all of the attractions that you will see on the way, do not get distracted, but please keep your head back and eyes forward. :) (Now, if that wasn't a good enough introduction go back and read it through in Kronk's voice. ;D haha)

I got to meet some of our investigators this week!!! :D First I want to talk about Ryojiro (ree-yo-jee-row). He is so incredible. He is so cool. He dresses super hip, and actually works at a used clothing store, so he has great clothes. He has such a desire to learn and improve, and he recognizes how good the gospel is. It is incredible. When we had our lesson we had Kishihara (Key-she-ha-ra) there (a member who got back from his mission in Fukuoka about two weeks ago) and it was so good. We are all around the same age, 19-21, so it was really cool to think about the trust that God had in each and every one of the people in that room. I love that Ryojiro recognizes the Spirit. he told us that when he prays he gets this different feeling, and we were able to help him recognize that it was the Spirit. One of the things that he said that I loved most was when he told us sometimes he starts to go to bed and he just has this feeling that he should read a little bit from the Book of Mormon. I was floored. It was really cool to just talk to him like a friend, and be able to bond with him. There was this point when I said that sometimes it is way hard and kind of bothersome to read every day, and he totally relaxed, because he realized that it wasn't easy for us either. I loved that.

Also, we got to meet with Raju, an investigator from Nepal! Whenever I think of Nepal or India I think of the business trip that dad had to go on to India. That was a crazy experience, and I love the things that he brought back. Anywho, it was so great to meet him. He is a very softspoken guy (also in his 20's) and I love him. I love our investigators so so so so so much. I love meeting with them, and just teaching them what I know has helped me in my life. Raju has a HUGE desire to learn and to grow, and I think that he does want to be baptized he just doesn't want to rush it. It is so great, and the work is moving forward here in Kichijoji.

The only hard thing with these investigators is the busy factor. They are super hard workers, and are going to full time school as well as having at least one job. But, they can still call, so we are trying to call them at least every other day to keep in more contact with them. It is so great. I love Kichijoji. Another fun experience that I had was that I got to go to Fuchu, another area, and have companionship exchanges for a day. I went with Elder Jenner, a transfer 4 missionary from Australia. He is a great missionary. One miracle that I want to share from that is when we went down by this river. It was after dinner, so it was dark. We knew that there might not be very many people down there, but when Elder Jenner asked me if we should change our plan I told him that I felt like we planned it for a reason, and if we spent the rest of the night by that river and only found one person, it would be worth it. So we left, and did just that. Except we found two! The first one was a young boy who was Christian (about 2% of Japan is Christian, so this is rare). We introduced the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy. It was great. I really hope that he calls the elders and starts to learn about the gospel more. We also met this man from Africa (I can't remember which country) and we didn't really invite him to church or anything, but we talked about loving one another and lifting each other up, and made a good impression on him. It was so incredible. I love talking to people here.

The Lord did not call perfect people to preach the Gospel. If He did, then I wouldn't be here. He called the weak things of the world (although most 18 year olds will tell you they are most definitely not weak ;D haha) to preach the most incredible work. :) I heard that once President Wada was talking to some elders and told them that he and someone else around his age and experience could go out and preach with so much more experience and power behind them, and probably convert more people than us as 19 year olds, because of the knowledge they had of helping people and the experiences of a lifetime. But, the Lord did not call him to do that, because he needs us younger boys to do it and to learn and grow. The same goes for girls too. :) I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to be able to serve in the Japan Tokyo South Mission. Random Fact: Japan is incredible. I love it. :) :) <3

I love you so much, Mom!!! I love hearing from you! Don't forget that I can read emails anytime during the week, so feel free to email me whenever! <3 I love you to the most infinity infinities and beyond. 無限の彼方へ  :D <3

Love, Elder Livingston

P.S. I will try to send more with me in them! I don't have too many picture this last week, but I do have one with me and Elder Jenner from splits!

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