Sunday, July 19, 2015

I don't know what to call this.... - Letter to Dad - 28 June, 2015

Well, Dad, it has been a pretty normal week. :) haha

Oh! We got to visit this incredible family last night. Their names are the Shimo family. They are so great. I would probably have to say that they are a perfect family. I don't think they sin. haha They are super super nice. I love them so much. Brother Shimo is an international shipping company businessman, it would seem. And he is very successful. They have a great house, and he gets to travel to London a lot, which is actually where they lived for two years. So, he enjoys that a lot. Sister Shimo is an absolutely incredible cook. She gave us these shortbread cookies yesterday that literally looked and tasted like they were from a store. But she made them. So cool. And their daughters, ages 12 and 8, are super cute, and remind me a lot of Quinci and Britta. They are also very very tall. In Japan they are HUGE! But they are a way fun family. We got to visit with them and to share a message about the temple. How has your temple attendance been recently? I hope that you get to go a lot. Especially with Mom. :) It is an incredible opportunity to be able to go to so many different temples right next to our house. <3 Go as often as you can, because it is an incredible place and you are going to find answers every single time that you go with specific questions in mind. I can testify to that.

Well, like I said in my email to mom, Elder Leftwich is leaving and he is heading to Odawara, the same area where Elder Tolen was. (Elder Tolen is now going to an area called Tama). Because he is leaving, we have a ton of opportunities to visit with people that have been hard to meet with, including members. They really love him here, and I am really reaping the benefits. I hope that when I leave areas they have the same feeling towards me. How often do you get to see the missionaries in our area? I will be honest, it would be so incredibly hard to have so many wards to cover as a missionary. Here we have at least 6 missionaries, generally, for one ward. In Kichijoji we will
have 12 next transfer. :) haha It is super fun though!

How is everybody's health holding up? What are the new things that you have been trying recently to overcome the sickness? How is the running with Britta going?? I am so thrilled that she is working out more, and that she is enjoying it! That is such an important habit to have when you are young, and I wish that I would have had that more. I loved playing sports and all growing up, but I didn't really set a habit of working out. I am trying to do that now. :) Let her know that she is an inspiration to me, and that she is doing incredible things! :)

So I know that we are about half way through summer break now, but do you have any fun plans? I saw that you were at the Mormon Battalion Memorial Site. Where is that? Was it cool? What different things did you learn?

Well, I know that was a lot of questions, but I hope that you can answer at least some of them. I want you to know that I love you, and I love our family so much. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for the incredible influence of all of you, particularly you and mom, in my life. I am eternally grateful for that.

Do you know what I think is cool? Everyone in the world is part of the same family. We are all brothers and sisters. :) We got to have a PMG study class with some of the boys in our ward yesterday because they are studying and preparing to go on missions, and I got to tell them that. And it really hit me again just how important it was to share the gospel. These are our brothers and sisters. Think about if Curtis did not have the gospel, or Darin, or John, or Dianne. Any of your siblings. Wouldn't you want to share it with them? That is why we are sent on missions. Because this is our family. We need to help them. :) I testify that as we work as hard as we can to come closer to Christ and to lift other people up we will be able to share the gospel in such a way that they will allow it to enter into their hearts. Do not be afraid to share it. This is the truth, and they NEED it. It isn't just something nice and fun. It is absolutely essential. Share it with everyone that you can, because it is the truth, and it is God's plan. I love you, and I hope that you have a fantastic week! :) <3

Love, Elder Livingston

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