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Hi from Dad - Email chat - 21 June, 2015

On Father's Day I happened to be on email when one from Elder Livingston came through.  I quickly fired a "Hi" email his way and the following email thread happened.


Hi Tan,

I see that you are on.  Just saying Hi !!


Hey Dad!! :) Happy Father's Day!!!! :) :) <3 <3 How has your day been?

It has been good.  We had everyone over for dinner.  Ammon and Audrey gave me "A Short History of Nearly Everything."  They also gave me an iTunes card as Mom will be giving me some new headphones / ear buds (haven't decided which I want).  We played a game, Avalon, which is a fancier version of moffia with cards and stuff.

That sounds way cool! :D Have you read "A Short History of Nearly  Everything" before? :) It is such a good book, and I know that you will find it very fascinating. :) That game sounds way fun. Man, I do miss board games. Although at the same time it is exciting that when I get back there will be so many new ones for me to play that we can play quite a few without me replaying anything! haha :) 

Thanks for saying Hi.  I didn't mean to take your writing time with back-and-forth emails.  But it has been nice to know you are on the other end.  I love you.  Have a nice and relaxed p-day.

You're welcome. :) It really doesn't take that much time. I have an hour and a half to email, and I can type pretty dang fast, so feel free to chat. :) It is nice to talk to people on the other end, huh? I really like it. I love you too! Have a great night, Dad! :) <3 If you want to keep chatting just shoot me another response. :) 

So if I wanted to get a jersey, which one would you suggest and how much money would I need to give you to get me one?  Sounds like the trains and busses in Japan are like those in Germany.

Um, it depends on what one you wanted. If you want one of the Japanese teams, like the Yokohama Marinos, or Tokyo FC, there are ones like that. There are also the Japan National Team jerseys that they used in the world cup (those are probably my favorite jerseys). They would be about......100 American Dollars. That includes a number and a name on the back, most of the time. If not, then it would be 20 dollars more. And then shipping it back would not be that expensive, as long as I can get a little box. Another 15-20 dollars. Probably 140 ish in total. And yeah, the train system here is like none other in the world, and the busses are good too, we just don't use them as much. 

Hey guess what!  This Friday and Saturday is my 30 year high school class reunion.  We are planning on going but things may change a bit if Quinci is still hurting.

Really?! That is so cool! Where is it being held? That would be a fun event to go to. I hope that you can make it! It is crazy to me that I have already been graduated for a year. At the same time I can barely believe it has ONLY been a year. :) haha 

Yah, it's interesting how time feels slow and fast at the same time.  I still feel like the same person as I did waaaay back then, but in other ways I am completely different and can feel that I am older.  Hopefully this new working out will remove some of the old I am experiencing.

It was nice to see how the workers in the temple helped Braidon.  Due to his inability to hear, the words of the ceremony were displayed throughout the session and the man helping him at the end had a large card to help Braidon follow what was being said (he couldn't see the man's lips to read them) and so he could reply with the correct information.  It was really special.

hahaha I definitely agree. Speaking of working out, I really want to work out better. I have improved a lot this transfer with one of the Elders in our apartment, but I was wondering if you have come closer at all to the P90X3 for me or not. If not it is okay, I will continue to do my best. I would just love to make all of the meat on my body muscle. :) haha 

That is incredible. :) Man, I wish that I could have been there. I love Braidon so much. Make sure that he knows that. He has always been such an incredible example to me. :) In fact, what is his email? And what day does he head to the MTC? I want to email him when he heads out. :) 

Thanks for the kind letter! :-)  I will continue to finish the P90X3 stuff for you.  The last few months have been difficult but I can buckle down and get it to you.  I'll find out the information about Braidon so you can write him.  Speaking of working out Ammon said he is going to try 25 pushups and 15 pull-ups for his challenge this week.  He is crazy strong.  Unbelievable.  He has been doing the P90X3 Mass workout and just finished block 2. It kills him to workout but he does it.

Mom wants to know if you got a video of Emmett asking for meatballs.

You are welcome! :) And thanks so much! I really want to try it too. Especially in Kichijoji, because we have more weights than most of the mission does. :) That is so crazy!!! :D Wow. He is a monster. And thanks, I really do want to write Braidon. :) And yep, I got the video! Kaitlyn sends videos of him too. :) I am so happy when I get his videos, because he is so cool! I love that little boy. :) I can not believe how much he has grown! Does he just talk all of the time that he is home with you guys? 

Yes.  He jabbers all the time.  He was so funny tonight when we were starting the game.  Ammon gave him his own tokens after he helped Ammon by giving everyone else their tokens.  He was copying everything Ammon was saying as he began to explain the game.  We were all laughing.  He also knows how to put on a crying fit when he doesn't like something.  Quite the manipulator!  So fun.

He does? hahaha He is a funny guy. Man, I wish that I could see him! I'll be honest, that is one of the only things that I am super super sad about missing at him. He is growing so much and I wish that I could be there at this stage. :) Well, I am sure the Lord will compensate. :) I can't wait to see just where his personality is when he is two and a half when I get home. :) 

So what will you be doing this afternoon on your p-day?

I am just hanging out in the office today because some of the Elders in our zone wanted to go down to Kamakura (including Elder Leftwich) and I felt like I should stay here. So I will be relaxing, maybe writing some letters, and then planning things to help the zone improve. :) Nothing strenuous. :) 

Sounds like a nice day.  It sure has been nice to chat with you.  It's nice that your president allows this.  I know that from time to time it is nice to be in "closer" contact and to hear your voice, even if it is through written text.  Thanks for wishing me a Happy Father's day.  It has been a good day and this has been icing on the cake.  You said that you had about 1 1/2 hours.  Are we close to the end of your time?

It has been nice to talk with you too! And yeah, it is going to be a great day. :) Yep, it is nice that he allows this. :) And I definitely agree! You are welcome. :) Yeah, I have probably.....10-15 minutes left. :) Thanks for talking! What is your plan for the rest of the night? I guess it is like.....11 there? 

It is 11:30pm here and I am watching something with Quinci.  She is in too much pain to sleep.  I'm on duty tonight as Mom is not up to it.  I hate using entertainment as a sick / pain distraction but sometimes I don't have anything else to help.  For tonight it will have to be enough.

Have a great week.  Serve with love.

Okay, I will! Have a good time with Quinci. Don't forget just how much this time probably means to her. :) I love you two! 

A couple of guys we met in the park

First zone (minus the 5 office staff and 3 Assistants)

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