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A trip to Yokohama by way of Memory Lane - Letter to Mom - 25 May, 2015

Hey mom!!

How are you doing? Sorry that this is coming a little bit later than it usually does. This whole transfer will probably be a little more like this. There is an Elder Young in our apartment who is on his last transfer and wants to travel to his previous areas and see some cool sights so we are going to do that. Also, heads up, next week is the temple! We had to get our day moved do due construction so it is earlier than usual. So I will write a day later next week. :)

So the first place that Elder Young wanted to go was to Yokohama! :D He served in the area that had Yokohama proper for about 8 months, so it was so good for him too and see a bunch of cool places. He showed us some INCREDIBLE things, and we got some super good pictures. (Speaking of which, I have taken a TON of pictures since last Monday. I think you'll be happy :) ). It was also very nostalgic for me since I loved to go and visit Yokohama when I was in Hodogaya. Today was very busy, but also a very good day. We have walked about 5 Kilometers since we have been here. :) haha We got to see things like Yokohama Bay, really good views, and the Nissan car center. It was way cool. But, I also need to recap this week!

I went to a BYU symphony while I was on my mission. Haha the Area presidency approved it so we got to go outside of the mission (by about 5 minutes) and get home past normal curfew. The show was absolutely incredible, and our friend (he doesn't want to learn about gospel stuff yet, but wants to be our friends and just ask his sister about the gospel) had a super good time. His name is Yodai. It was super fun, and just a good experience. After that, we got doughnuts on the way home! There is a doughnut factory that is only open after 10, so his was the absolute only time on our missions that we could get it
without breaking the rules. Because it was totally open when we were on our way home. So we got those and they were way good!

After that Elder Leftwich and I have had a pretty normal week. We got to go to the district meetings of all of the districts in our zone, like normal, but it was fun to see how the new groups of Elders and Sisters were jelling together. It was great. I love working with Elder Leftwich. He is a great man, and is a super good leader. He is actually a part of the Air Force! Which I think is way cool. He is a bold, friendly guy who loves talking to everybody on the streets, in parks, and on trains as much as you can. Which is so good.

One of the people that I want to share about is Yutaro. He is an investigator that is in Kichijoji B (the other Kichijoji Elders) area, but Elder Leftwich is his best friend because he used to teach him. So we may get his records soon so that we can continue to help him progress. He is having a really hard time getting baptized because of friends and a girlfriend that are opposed to the church. It has been really hard for him. They basically said, "The church or us." And that
has been so hard for him. It has made me think a lot about how easy I have had it in my life. I have never had to worry about having support in following the gospel. I thank you so so so much for your example, Mom. :) <3 you always did what was right, not what was popular. Which I think is so cool. It can often be hard to stand out and up for the things that you believe in, but I have a firm testimony that when we please God, not man, we will always be okay. I have also realized just how common the sin of fearing man more than God is. All of us do it in one way or another. It is linked directly with pride. And as such, it completely dies when we have charity. If we feel a prompting to call someone and invite them to church, but worry that they will think we are weird, we are fearing man more than God. But with charity, we invite them because we love them. When we don't leave the movie theater, or ask our friends to switch the movie/music/conversation, we are fearing man more than God. But with charity, we ask them because we know it will bless them. I plead with you to always fear God more than man. When we do, we receive more blessings than we could ever know. :)

And with that note, I have one request. Do all that you can to take Quinci on Trek with you. Those are precious memories and experiences that she will never forget. Of course, follow the Spirit with this, but don't just rule her out because it might be hard. It wasn't easy for them either. I promise that as you pray you will know what to do. :) <3

I hope that the medicine is helping! I am sorry that you have continued to be sick, along with the girls. That is no fun at all. :P I wish that I could be there to help you, but I know that the Lord will take care of you.

Lastly, don't worry about me, or about me focusing. :) you have seemed particularly worried about that in your last emails, and I want you to know that I will always do what the Lord wants me to. I will be focused on His work, and help Him as much as I can. :) And part of that work is not forgetting you guys. Don't worry, I am doing the things and fulfilling the work that I need to do here. I actually just had the Spirit confirm that to me again today.

I love you so much, Mom, and I hope that you get feeling even better soon! I love you infinity infinities!

Love, Elder Livingston

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