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I miss fruit! - Letter to Mom - 21 June, 2015

Hey mom! :) How are you doing? Dad said that you aren't doing so well, and you said that this last week was kind of a bear too, so I hope that things start to look a little bit better in the very near future. :)

Well, since that is a pretty strange title for the beginning of an email, I am going to explain it right now! haha :) You remember how you were describing to me the things that  you were going to have for Father's Day? Well, the one that honestly stuck out to me the most was the fruit. I miss fruit, Mom. So so much. :) In Japan fruit is INSANELY expensive. Bananas are the cheapest thing (thank heavens! haha) so I probably get to eat about five every week. However, that still costs about one dollar, and each banana is probably about half as big as the ones that we eat at home. :/ Yep. Life is rough here. ;D But, I am surviving! Luckily, when I go home it will be summer, which
means lots of the fruit will be super delicious. My meal when I get home should have some fruit, okay? :) <3

I really do miss your cooking. I wish that I could cook as well as I do at home. Most of the things that we eat are pretty healthy, basically just a cup of rice per person and then some sort of vegetable stir fry and some meat with it. That is about it for lunch and dinner every day. :) haha Morning is, without a doubt, two eggs and two pieces of toast every single morning. :) I always did love eggs and toast! :) What are some things that I could do to eat healthier with the limited amount of money that I have to spend on food? What are some simple things that you know that I could do to be healthier as far as diet goes? You really are a pro at that, so I am just curious as to what you think. :)

Let's see, what are some updates on the people that we met this last week......OH!! Last Monday night we had such a miracle night. :) It was absolutely incredible. I loved it. We planned to visit this less-active family and just street proselyte on the way there. We had to ride the trains (which, I know that I have mentioned before, but I absolutely LOVE the train systems here! They are so so so so so convenient, you wouldn't even believe it) and then walk about 45 minutes to an hour to their house. At least, that was the plan. But then we talked to a ton of people on the way there! Two of the people that we met on the way there were Ryosuke (Ree-yo-sue-kay....and then just make it sound Japanese. In fact, you should make videos of you guys saying that name and send them to me. The person closest to the actual pronunciation will extra hug when I get home! haha ;D ) and his friend Tomita Kennichi. They are my age, and are super good at English. They are going to a Christian college right now, and so they know a little bit about Christianity and have read some of the Bible. I got to introduce Gospel Library through my iPad to Ryosuke, and then him and Tommy (his friend's nickname) downloaded it right there. I thought that was so cool. And then today they are going to come to this family home evening event that the Wada's have at their own home once a month. And we are also meeting him Thursday to go out to dinner, talk about the gospel, and then go to a sport's night that we have at our church! It is going to be a packed week, but I am way excited. It is really interesting. I am trying so hard to learn Japanese, and the Lord just keeps placing the people who speak English in my path! haha :) Oh well. I will do what He wants me too. :)

This last week was good. It was a pretty normal week. But, that is sometimes just what you need. :) Today is a pretty relaxed P-Day for me, which I am way happy about. I pray that your health starts to improve. Quinci and Jenna as well. I love you all so much, and I know that the Lord has a plan for you. Do not forget to thank HIm. Every day. Every time that you kneel down to prayer becomes an open conduit to heaven, IF you allow it to do so with your faith and attention. I challenge you to make your prayers even more meaningful this week, and to do all that you can to come closer to the Lord. Remember, He is your best friend. I love you so much, Mom!! I am cheering for you, and I know that you are doing amazing things. Thanks for being the best mom the world has ever known! :) <3

Love you!!!

Love, Elder Livingston

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