Sunday, July 19, 2015

Throwing in the Towel - Letter to Dad - 2 June, 2015

Hey Dad!

I am so proud of you for all of the hard work that you have been doing! Don't worry, the Lord will direct your paths for good, and He will always make sure to help you. Just remember, if you don't feel like you are hearing His voice guide you as to where you need to go 1) either repent and try again (repent anyway, we all need to! haha) or 2) He trusts you to make this decision, and He will stop you before you do anything wrong if He leaves it up to you. So don't worry. i will completely back you up and support you in anything that you choose, and I know that Mom and the girls are the same way. Don't worry, and don't stress. :)

I am way jealous that you get to start using the Apple Watch!! I really wish that I could see what it does and to have one of my own.....someday. :) haha I am excited to see just how powerful of machines they are, and how well they will be integrated into normal life. Also, how fragile are they? I feel like often Apple products are notorious for how fragile they are, and the watch seemed to be no exception in the pictures that you sent. I am curious. Send me some of your personal thoughts and specs and pictures when you get it!!

I need to throw away my towels! haha You know the microfiber ones that you got me? They are incredible as far as packing and drying goes, but they STINK so so badly! So, I will be throwing those in and getting new ones soon. :) That is all I meant by the title hahaha :) Don't worry, I am definitely not going to throw in the towel. :)

I loved going to the temple today. I had a really cool experience when I was in the Celestial Room. I think that all I should share about it is that I felt, very strongly, that Grandma LuJean was with me. I love her so much. Remember to thank Heavenly Father in your prayers for her with me tonight, okay? It was really cool. :) Make sure that you go to the temple often, okay?! How often are you going to the temple right now? I feel so blessed that we live so so close to so many temples. Make sure you don't take it for granted. Go as much as you can! I can't wait to go with you again, and to go with you someday in the Tokyo temple. That should be on our bucket lists, okay? I think so. :)

I hope that Mom's health improves soon! I am so sorry that things are still rough as far as health goes. I really hope that everyone gets feeling better soon. We really can not catch a break, huh? haha I know that as we continue to learn and to grow, though, we will come closer and closer to the answer, even if the answer is just, "Be patient and wait for the second coming." haha I don't like that answer as much as actually finding a way to help them, but it is okay. We just need to trust the Lord.

Cherish the time that you get to be with Britta this week. Let her know that I love her a lot! Is she reading her Book of Mormon? If she isn't have her email me. I have some really cool ideas and things that I could do to help her. I just want her to know how important that is, as well as how much I love her! I am actually really really jealous that she is going to take tennis lessons. There are SO many people in Japan who love to play tennis. It is such an incredibly graceful sport, and at the same time so brutal, due to length and things like that. It is also quite a workout, as well as a very mental game. So, I think she will do fantastic. She is super athletic, and has a very very smart mind. Let her know she is the bomb. :)

I hope that things continue to go well with all of the developing of the game that you are making. When do you think that you will be able to release? Is there anything that I can do to help? Send inspiring quotes, and things like that? haha

Oh, in regards to Mom's question about the CD that Carmen is going to give you, it would be best if I could get it digitally, even if it is broken up into segments. Then I can use it with my iPad as I go throughout the day to let people know some of the things that I did, as well as listen to it in the apartment when we are working out, eating, and doing things like that.

I hope that you have a fantastic week, and that Mom and Quinci return home safely! Speaking of which, we actually had a pretty big earthquake here the other day. I have felt quite a few since being here in Japan, but yesterday was definitely the biggest one that I have felt in my whole life. The whole entire house shook. It originated in the ocean as an 8.5 earthquake or so, and we definitely felt it's waves! Anyway, I love you so much, and wish you the best!! :) :)

Love ya!

Love, Elder Livingston

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