Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oscar! - Letter to Mom - 24 August, 2015

Dearest Mother,

How is it over there in good ole AF?? I am super excited to hear about how things are going, particularly because you have all sorts of exciting time to build up the new business! I am super excited! Keep me posted, okay?

How is your health holding up? How about your spiritual health? How is your scripture study? What kinds of things do you do for study? Do you enjoy your study? I have learned a lot about studying with real intent this past week, and just real intent in general. I hope you have real intent when you study! :)

So, I guess you are all wondering about Oscar, right? Well, he did not get baptized yesterday, but will be getting baptized the 12/13 of September. We had a super good lesson with President Wada that helped him to see what he needed to do to help his wife! It was so good. President Wada is such an incredible teacher. I think what he does best is that he just teaches from the scriptures and is perfectly bold and loving at the same time. He tells people exactly what they need to do to follow the Savior, even if it isn't the easiest. This lesson he really just listened to Oscar’s problems, and then counseled with him on how to overcome the problem, using scriptures like 1 Nephi 5 (we actually shared this one with him earlier) and applied it to his life right now, and how he has a vision of the future, but his wife hasn't seen it yet so he seems kind of crazy. It was super good for him to hear from president Wada. He also shared Alma 20 (I think it is 20....) when King Lamoni's father is opposed to Lamoni. He related that to the situation as well, and it helped Oscar to understand his need to introduce the missionaries (like Ammon) to his wife. We are super excited to meet her. We are pretty sure that she is going to come to a family home evening activity that the Wada's have at their house once a month. She is going to have a great time and be able to feel the Spirit, so we are super excited for that. So, that is the update on him! He has some goals made, and really feels like he can see the light at the end of the tunnel! So that is good. :)

Other good things that happened is week......we had zone meeting! That was really fun. Nothing super crazy, so I won't spend too much time on that. But that evening was incredible! There is a missionary by the name of Elder Hansen who is now home, but the day before he left he did a special concert in Kichijoji with a bunch of different songs and hymns. It was incredible. He is a really good singer (high tenor), and absolutely amazing at piano and guitar (and other instruments too, I think....I just haven't seen that haha :) ). It was absolutely stunning. I loved hearing his arrangements of songs that really brought the spirit. We had one boy, whose name is Markus, come with us. He is a recent convert’s little brother. He is super nice, and loves to do stuff with us, but doesn't have a ton of interest in the gospel for now. But, we did get him a nice copy of the Book of Mormon that he thought was really cool, so we are excited to see how his interest grows in the next months and years of his life. I know that he is going to be a strong member someday.

I think one thing I have learned in the past week or two, that is definitely an eternal principle, is the wonderful joy that comes from trials. That might seem paradoxical to someone who has never experienced it, or can only see the darkness inside the tunnel, not the light at the end, but it is so true. I love it. We have never been so busy or stressed as a companionship than right now, but I also don't know that I have ever had this much fun with a companion. We get along so well, and we just work hard through the things that come towards us. It is the best. :) I just read your email, so it looks like you know what I mean that trials produce a lot of good as well! I love how you talked about God being the creator, so we can trust Him with our individual lives. That is so so true. I love that about God. He is always there for us, and will always direct our path for good! I know you are on, so if you have any questions specifically you want answered in my email to Dad, just shoot those to me and I will answer them then! I love you so so much, and I thank you for your prayers! :) :) I love you, Mom! <3

Elder Livingston

Note: Some names may have been changed for privacy.

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