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Craziest Week Ever!! - Letter to Mom - 17 August, 2015

Hey Mom!! :D

So, I forgot my keyboard, so this is going to be a little bit shorter, probably. I'll do as much as possible, though! :D

So, for some quick highlights (I'm not sure how long I'll have this week, so if I only get one out to you and dad, I'm sorry!) we: -Got a new missionary in our apartment -Had successful transfers -Went to a Buddhist teaching center and had our testimonies strengthened -Had Oscar’s baptismal interview -Etc. etc.

First, we have Elder Pratt in our apartment! He is this super good guy from Seattle. We love having him, and it is super cool to see the fire that he has. He is super cool :) I know that every single missionary can have that fire. Every single MEMBER can have that fire. That is the song of redeeming love that it talks about in Alma. I want to have that more and more in my life. That is the best thing, feeling the desire to serve. Which I definitely have. I have never had as good of a time, and done as much, and had so many stressful events (mainly Oscar) in my life! But, more on that later. :)

We had successfully transfers! Nobody in our zone got lost, and everyone was able to get to their areas quickly. Transfers can always be a little bit worrisome, as people can just get lost on the trains if they aren't careful. :) but, it all went well!

So, there is this man in our area book by the name of Trevor. He called us to set up an appointment. However, he has a history of taking people to Buddhist temple like places and just trying to proselyte to them. However, we decided to give him the benefit of he doubt just once to see if he actually had interest now, and go talk under a super strict 30 min. schedule (They would usually try to trap the missionaries for about three hours). But we went to meet him, and he told us he wanted his friend to hear too. We automatically knew that he was going to take us there, but we would just have to bear our testimonies. He had said he had read part of the Book of Mormon and had some questions, so we wanted to answer those. We got there and met his friend (obviously the one who wanted to teach us, not actually Trevor). He seemed like a nice guy. We asked if we could pray first, and they said that they couldn't participate so we just had a good prayer. :) haha they then said they didn't actually have questions from the Book of Mormon (lie number one) and then proceeded to ask us how we believed in God if we couldn't see Him. We did our best to bear testimony and teach truth, but they did not want to listen. No matter what we said, they just rejected it. It was sad. But we were able to be so bold. On the way back to the station with just Trevor, I was more bold than ever in my life. I just plainly asked him if he had wanted to make us doubt, and that I felt like he had attacked us. He started backtracking as fast as possible trying to save his skin, but didn't have an answer. And then I asked him what Elder Driscoll and I have decided is the only question you have to ask a religious person to see if you want to learn a little more. It is, "In your religion, can I live forever with my family after I die?" If the answer is no, then I have absolutely no interest. We asked him, and he said no, but we could be reincarnated into another good family. We basically just said that we loved our families now, and had absolutely no interest in learning about a religion that took us away from them. He didn't have an answer for that one. We testified in our church he could do that, and then we were on our way. It was really a sad experience, because they just did not want to listen, and if their hearts had been opened, they could've learned so much. :)

Oscar. Well, his wife does not want him to be baptized. So, we are doing everything that we can to help him talk to her and get her permission. Please continue to pray for him. His date is still set for this weekend, and we are just praying for a miracle. We need all of the prayers that we can get! He already passed his baptismal interview, so it is just a matter of time before he gets to make that sacred covenant with God. :)

Well, that is this week in a wrap! :) haha it was a super good week. I have honestly never had this much fun on my mission before. I think it is because of how well Elder Driscoll and I get along, as well as how hard we work. Also, having a lot of super crazy busy stuff can be fun too. I love it. :)

I love you so much, mom! I will send some of the things I learned in study and such in another email to dad. :) I may start doing that. A weekly report in one, and a report on my studies in another. Also, I am doing fantastic. I love life. :) haha I love you so so so much, mom! Thanks for your example of faith during this new opportunity that dad has! Am so grateful for that. :) I love you!! :) <3

Love, Elder Livingston

P.S. I am excited to see you too ;D

Note: Some names may have been changed for privacy.

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