Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blitz - Letter to Mom - 27 July, 2015

Hey Mom!!

So, no, we did not play football this week, contrary to what you might have thought when you looked at the title of this email. This has been a super good week, though, and I will explain what the blitz is in the following paragraph.

So, a zone blitz is actually what we had. It is when all of the members of the zone get together, and then we had a training, and then we went on splits with about three different people over a period of 3 hours or so. We received the training from Elder Jesperson, who is awesome, and his companion Elder Murata, who is one of the coolest Japanese missionaries! They did awesome instructing us how to boldly invite others to come unto Christ by taking lessons or by coming to church. It was great, and then I got to go on various splits! The first one was with an Elder named Elder Fenton! He was actually in my MTC district, but then had to go and get surgery, so he is a transfer lower than me in the mission field. He is a great elder, and has such a powerful testimony. I love him so much, and it was so fun to be able to work with him. After him I got to go with Elder Konno. Elder Konno loves disney probably as much as we do. :) Needless to say, we did not have to be quiet for any part of that split! Haha we talked to a lot of people, and we also got to talk about Disney a lot, so that was fun. He said that he doesn't know how I am like Hiro (the boy in Big Hero Six, which actually has a different name in Japan! Lots of disney titles are different here), but I am excited to see that movie, because Jenna said that it is basically like me put into a character! haha We will just have to see. :) Lastly I went with Elder Murakami. He is fluent in English, and such a nice, good elder. He is so fun to work with, and we had a lot of success talking to people. I loved working and learning from all of them.

One thing that I have definitely learned on a mission and that was accented by the splits that we had this past Tuesday (in the blitz) is that everybody has something that someone else needs to hear. The gospel is not a solitary thing. It is expounded and understood only when it is shared with lots of people. President Monson has said something to the effect of that which we selfishly keep, we lose. That which we willingly share, we gain. Or something like that. It is that way with all of the principles of the gospel. Charity cannot survive if it is not manifest in outward expressions to those around us. Faith can not be grown if it is not tested and used to lift ourselves and those around us up. Hope can not survive in a solitary room, but rather in the company of others, well lit with the Light of Christ. We have to share the gospel. If we selfishly keep what we have been so graciously blessed with, we will lose the things that are most precious. But, if we spread that which has been given to us, we will find hidden treasures of knowledge. That is why missions are important.

And not just for the missionaries sharing it. :)

You gave me to the Lord for two years. You ultimately have gained and  will continue to gain so many more blessings because of the things that you have allowed me to do for Him. You have given of yourself in times of sickness and trial, and the Lord has multiplied the blessings upon your head an hundred fold. You may not see them. But the things which are not seen are often the most powerful. You have a testimony. You have a family. You have love in your heart. You have hope. You are truly blessed. :) Don't ever forget that, Mom. I am so blessed to have you, and I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. :)

Let's see, another thing that we did is that today we had zone p-day!! :D It was super fun. I will send a couple of pictures later. We had a hamburger cooking contest between the three districts in our zone, and then we played sports in the cultural hall. It was so great. and now I am emailing! I truly have been so blessed in my zone. As a zone leader I haven't really had to deal with that many problems in the zone. It has been really good. I have loved it so much. I really don't want to transfer. Next Saturday is transfer emails, and I have a feeling in my gut that I might transfer. I am not excited. But who knows, maybe I will get one more with Elder Driscoll! it is crazy to think of how fast time is flying. It is going way too fast. I am excited to see you again too. :) Oh! And you may even get to meet the Wada's! I will probably be going home on the same plane as them, so probably a couple weeks earlier than planned, and you may be able to meet them!! :D I really hope that you can. :) Anyway, I want you to know that I love you, Mom!! You are the most incredible mom ever! Keep working out hard, and keep pushing yourself! I know that things are going to improve. Oh, and just a heads up, my wrist has been hurting a little if I bend it too far up or down (it is weird, and hurts a ton if I push just a little too far). Is there anything that I can do to help that that you know of? Let me know. I love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

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