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MLC...and other last week things - Letter to Mom - 6 April, 2015

Hey mommy! ;D haha <3 How are you? I figured I hadn't called you mommy in a while, and it would be funny for you to read. I love you!! <3

Well, let's dive right into last week with....MLC! Who knows what that stands for? Let's do a little multiple choice quiz:

A) Martin Luther .... Cing?
B) My Legs Cramped
C) Milk-Like Chocolate
D) Mission Leadership Council
E) Major Laxative Counsel

What do you think? That's right it is.....E! I was pretty sick this last week, but I am slowly getting better...... ;D haha no, the real answer is D. Mission Leadership Council is a group that comes together once a month to talk about the mission and to receive training, etc. It consists of: President and Sister Wada, their counselors (if they come), the Assistants to the President, the Zone Leaders, and the Sister Training Leaders. And guess what?? I got to go last week! :D It
was so fun. Now, before you jump the gun, I was a district leader, not a zone leader. ;) haha It was so insightful, and so amazing to feel the spirit of those incredible people. I learned a lot, and I hope to apply it into my missionary work. I also learned a bit about patriarchal blessings from Sister Wada. Did you know that you can request the patriarchal blessings of your deceased ancestors? You should do that, for someone that you felt pretty close to. I would love to get James Campbell Livingston's if possible. :) Also, thank you so so much for working so hard on getting those pictures to me, and to Dad for getting the P90X3 stuff all worked out for me so that I can do that! I am so grateful for that.

Oh, so this is completely random and off topic, but I wanted to throw in something that I learned today in personal study. Did you know that when you are humble, it is living in gratitude for the dependance that you have on the Lord. Interesting, huh? Read that again. Gratitude for the dependance that you have on the Lord. Cool, huh? I absolutely loved that. How many times are we not just acknowledging, or accepting of our dependance, but grateful? That really stuck out to me.

But, the big news for the week will wind back around to MLC. This week was ...... (trumpets playing)........(drums rolling).........(people dancing)..........(you guys cringing that I am still putting things in parentheses)........(me continuing to do it ;D haha).........Transfer Week!!!! Crazy huh? This past transfer practically flew, and I can not believe that it is already time for transfers again. Sadly, it is time for me to leave the nest that I grew up in here in Japan. :) I am very excited for my new area, and my new opportunities. I will be going to:

Kichijoji!!! :D and I will be a zone leader! :D (basically I'm freaking out right now haha) :)

So, a little bit about Kichijoji. That is where the mission home is located. My district (even though I am no longer district leader) consists of me and my companion (Elder Scott), the District Leader and his companion, the Assistants, the Office Elders, and a Sister Training Leader and her companion. Crazy, huh? I think that I will be seeing a lot more of President Wada. :) haha I am so excited, and just slightly overwhelmed at this opportunity. It has been really humbling to be assigned there. Recently I have been learning a lot about leadership and what it really means.

All growing up (and all three of you can attest to this, but particularly you, mom) I have loved leadership. I have always wanted to be the captain of the team, the leader of the group, the top,
whatever you may want to call it. I am not sure why. I think it started out as a prideful, boastful thing, but the more I have grown up, the more I think that it has moved from that to wanting to do the best that I can. However, I do think that there is, as Elder Uchtdorf puts it, "a casual if  not intimate relationship" with pride. haha I don't think I am super prideful, but there is that part of me that wants to be the best. Always. :) haha But, recently I have learned so much more how that is not the case, and how being the best is something that should be measured in your heart, not by the chain of command. In fact it is something that I have been trying to change. Changing my thinking from, "higher is better" to "my best is my best, whether as Junior Companion or Assistant to the President". It has been such a good experience, but quite interesting that as soon as I started to really desire to shift my thinking, I was thrown into the Zone Leader position. It has given me lots to think and ponder about, and I am grateful for Christ and His Atonement. I could not overcome my weakness without Him, but with Him by my side, I will always be strong. I love Him, and I testify that He lives. He loves each and every one of us. I love you, Mom, and I hope that you recognize how present the Lord is in your life. I am so glad that you got your question answered at conference. I challenge you to ponder that answer, and pray to know if that is all the Lord needed you to know. Then ponder again. Then pray again. By doing this, you can find out other things that the Lord is dying to give to you, but is requisite on your seeking for them. Ask, and I promise you will receive. Knock, and I promise it will be opened unto you. Thank you for your example, Mom. I love you so so so so much!!! <3 <3 :) <3

Love, Your Son, Your Favorite Child, Your Only Tanner, Your Brown-Eyed Boy, Elder Livingston

;D <3 Love ya!! Don't forget to laugh a healthy amount! (which means you can laugh until your stomach hurts.....and then some. ;D Love ya!)

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