Saturday, November 8, 2014

Transfer Calls!!! - Letter to Mom - 20 October, 2014

Hey mom!! :)

So, as the subject line says, we had transfer calls today!! They are pretty anti-climactic, no matter where you are going or what you are doing. :) haha But, I am staying in Hodogaya with Elder Squire!! I am so happy. I feel like there is still so much that we need to do with investigators, and so many ways we can reach out to people. So, that was a fun little part of today!

But, the best part of today was definitely when we had zone P-day. Apart from being the first time that I have worn normal clothes in public (I felt really weird . . .like I was on a soccer team in dress clothes during a game. To iu kanji) we had an amazing thing that a lot of people in the mission do called Enos Prayer. That activity is where we all got together and we read a bunch of prophecies that have been made about Japan in English and Japanese. There are incredible promises for the people that live here, and the work that is being done here. I firmly believe that there is going to be a floodgate opening in Japan and the Orient, and the church will be accepted so much more. At this point people who go to the orient are looked on as "people who get one or two baptisms . . ..maybe". But that will all change, and it is going to become a hub of spiritual strength for the entire world to see. Apostles and Prophets have testified about it, and I know that it will happen. After we read those prophecies, we shared thoughts for a couple of minutes, and then we said a prayer that had been prepared by one of the sister training leaders that goes home this week. The Elder who read it is actually an incredible actor apparently, and so he was able to read it with power. Kneeling on the beach in Kamakura and feeling the power of the missionaries there was absolutely incredible. We are a bunch of young adults. A bunch of kids. But I honestly looked around and saw these people, people who I was serving with, people that I love, and I saw the wealth of spiritual strength. We really are called to be representatives of the Lord, and you can see it in the eyes, the smiles, and the attitudes of the missionaries. When we are obedient, and when we really give our will to the Lord there is absolutely nothing that we can not do. This is His work, and He will help it move forward more powerfully than we could ever know. He is laboring with us.

Let's see, what else did we do this week? I had splits in Kamakura!! It was way fun, and the house that they live in (yeah, they have a house in Kamakura, not an apartment) is so cool! I also had splits in Hodogaya with Elder Otsuka. Wow. That was an incredible experience. It is the first time that I have ever been with just a Japanese companion! I absolutely loved it. He knows a bit of English, and wants to learn more, so he speaks English a lot, but he also speaks Japanese a lot, so it was super super good to practice with him! I felt at the end of the night that my Japanese ability had gone up by just being with him and hearing it more. Especially from a native speaker. We taught a couple of lessons, and they were so so good. I loved it so much!

Oh! Guess what? I also played in sacrament meeting this last week! :D I accompanied while Elder Squire sang Savior, Redeemer of My Soul (the version from the movie Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration) It was super good, and lots of people loved it. It also got Norton san to church! I don't think he really wanted to be there for the actual church part of it, but I am glad that he came to support us. Slowly, step by step, I hope that his interest in the church grows. I really want to create a powerful spiritual experience for him so that he can see what we want to share with him. I feel like when we teach investigators we are holding out the fruit of the tree of life and saying, "Here, try this! It is super good," but until they actually have a taste of it they won't feel like it is as relevant to them.

Well, thank you so so much for your love and support, mom. You are so incredible! :) I love you so much. I am so so glad that you got to go to San Diego with Dad! It sounds like it was amazing, and I am jealous that you got to ride in a Camaro ;) haha The Lord will guide you. I promise. Follow His guidance exactly, and you will be blessed immeasurably. Also, when you feel no guidance, trust yourself. You know so much, and the Lord trusts you when He doesn't give an immediate answer. So trust yourself. I love you, and I miss you! <3

Love, Elder Livingston

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