Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hey! - Letter to Dad - 20 October, 2014

Hey dad!
Sorry, this email won't be as long. We need to go and make dinner (we are having it pretty late tonight because of zone P-day and everything), but I wanted to send you a short email!! :) I hope that everything at work is going well. I am so glad that you went on a date with mom! ;D haha You really went all out when I told you to take her on a date. :) I am so glad. She is such an amazing woman. Thank you for showing me an example of true love with the way that you treat her.
Dad, how can I help people have more of a desire? I have a lot of investigators who really just want to be friends with the missionaries, and don't really have that much interest in acting on the church, or progressing. They have no desire. How did you adress that on your mission? Did you have that? I feel stuck, because if they do not even have desire, then they won't be able to act on it and gain faith. They are dormant. They can't progress. It is something that Elder Squire and I have been trying to address for a while now, and I really don't know what to do. Do you have any ideas? Sorry to just throw that out there, but you have always helped me in the past, and I know that you have a lot of experience with helping other people. I will continue to pray and try to receive revelation about it, but any ideas that you have will help. :)
I got to see some super cool sea hawks today (I am pretty sure that they make the sounds for all other birds in movies, because it sounded exactly like anything I have heard in a movie. It was so cool!) I knew that you would love seeing them! I have some photos of them for you. :) They were so cool. The way that they fly is so majestic. Looking at those birds really made me think of God, and the things that He has created. It is so so incredible. He is infinitely powerful, and I know that He exists. He is infinitely caring, and I know that He loves you, and each of us. He is infinitely intelligent, and I know that He will give us guidance as we look to Him. :) I love you, Dad!! Look to God, and He will direct you in ALL things. Absolutely everything.
Love, Elder Livingston

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