Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hey dad! - Letter to Dad - 9 November, 2014

Hey, how are you? :)

So, I actually don't have that much time. I'm so so sorry that I
haven't been able to send you a big long email. I will send you one
next week. Also, I am going to send a written letter home this week!
It is already written. :) Dad, thanks for being so incredible. You are
so great. :) how has work been this past week? How have things been
going with the app? Also, is there anything that people want from
Japan?? :) I need to send Christmas home soon, but I want to get
everyone cool stuff, so it might be a little late. I want you to know
I love you, and the Lord loves you so so so much! Have a fantastic

Love, Elder Livingston


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