Saturday, November 22, 2014

久しぶり - Letter to Dad - 17 November, 2014

Hey Dad!! :)

So, that subject line translates to, "Long time, no see," basically. I felt it was appropriate since I haven't sent you a full message in a while. :)

I want you to know, just like I told mom, that you don't need to worry about the health of the family. The Lord is aware of you. He is aware of our family. The fact that He allows us to go through trials like this is evidence of the enormous amount of trust that He has in your faith to follow Him and His divine guidance. When the storm hits hard, remember that He is the One who can calm any storm, but also remember that the refiners fire, though hot, will cleanse us of impurities. Also, remember that Moses was also tempted by satan right after seeing an incredible vision. Remember that satan often comes around when we are receiving some of our most important blessings and revelation. In the franticness that often comes with trial, don't forget to turn outward to others, as Christ did. That will strengthen our family so so much.

I am so jealous that you are going to have a WiiU Super Smash Bros. party!! Make sure and take lots of pictures, okay? I can not wait for the fun moments like that again in the future. Japan is so incredible, Dad. I wish that I could bring you all here, and walk you up and down the streets where I walk, especially around Futumatagawa station and the church. I wish that I could go with you to incredible ramen shops, and to eat Katsudon (so so so incredible), and do all the amazing things that Japan has to offer. I really need to take pictures of the temples and things that they have here (which is totally fine with the culture here) and show you. It is so cool. Also, I really wish that you could experience the trains in Japan! haha I know that we talked about the UTA system in Utah quite a bit, and how it worked, but all of the trains that they have here completely blow that out of the water! It is so easy, so convenient, and so smooth. I love it.

Dad, thank you for always teaching me how to reach out to others, and how to really love people. It is incredible just how quickly you can come to love people that you meet on your mission. I have met people once, and honestly loved them when we had to part. It is so cool. In fact, there was one man that I met while I was on splits with one of the Zone Leaders in Yamate, and we met this man who was really sad, and told us some things about his life that are really tragic. He didn't accept our message at all, and I left him just feeling sad. I sincerely cared about him. I think that as missionaries we are blessed to feel some of what the Lord feels for His children. It is an incredibly deep love, and so so amazing to feel for people that you hardly know. :)

Dad, you are incredible. Keep being patient, even when it is hard! Don't worry, and trust the Lord. :) Everything will work out. I love you so so  much!

Love, Elder Livingston

For those of you that are curious I took a snapshot from Google Maps of the Futumatagawa Station so you can get a sense of where Tanner was talking about.  I find it really fun to find the places he mentions and to even try and see if I can tell where some of his pictures were taken.  Here is the Google Maps info (the read marker is Futumatagawa Station, Yokohama is on the right near the bay).

Futumatagawa Station

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