Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter to Mom - 13 October, 2014

Subject: To the best mom the world has ever known!!! :)

Hey Mom!! :) I know that a couple other people get this too, but this is my letter to you, and I decided I wanted to say mom more in it, because I miss calling you mom. :)

So, Mom, how are you doing this week? I am hoping that you are being good and still healing!! How are your ribs really, though? Also, how are the preparations coming for the new health regiment? Are you nervous? Mom . . .if you're scared I want you to apply President Uchtdorf's famous two word sermon: Stop it. Years ago you did something for me that I don't know if you realized affected me as much as it did. You showed me a scripture. It is in Timothy, and says, "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind." That scripture has changed my life and shaped it in so many ways. I can still remember sitting on your bed and talking with you about how I was worried (probably about cleaning the bathroom sink ;) haha) and you showed me that scripture. Since then it has really been a standard for me to judge things against. You also showed me then the power that comes from scriptures. It is real. I know it. I testify that as you read the scriptures they will be a shield for you from the temptations of the adversary and also I want to promise you that as you continue to faithfully read the scriptures your health will increase. The body and the spirit are inseparably connected, and when one is edified and strengthened, so is the other. I know that is true. Keep reading your scriptures carefully.

Mom, you are amazing. Did you know that? You have been one of my greatest examples in everything in life. You are so selfless. It is sometimes ridiculous how selfless you are. ;) You always put others before yourself, and that has really showed me how I should act in my life. You and Dad taught me how to live the gospel, not just what the gospel was. Having a testimony is good, but until you act on it you won't become converted, and conversion is what we need. Those with just a testimony will be buffeted by the winds of temptation, but conversion anchors you to the Lord. Help the girls become converted. They are incredible, and I love them so so much. Please, if Britta or Quinci are not reading their scriptures or praying, have them set goals, and tell them to me. You said that I have a better influence on them right now, and I want to help them. I will hold them accountable (sly grin right here ;) haha) and I will share goals with them to have them help me be accountable.

This week has been pretty good!! We switched a couple of our mission standards, kind of, and that has been hard. Part of the statistics that we used to report were meaningful contacts, which is a contact where you build a relationship of trust with people, but not necessarily extend a commitment of some sort. We have now switched over to SOS or salvation of souls ;D contacts, which must include a commitment to act. It is a lot harder, because you don't want to just throw a commitment at someone, so now you have to learn to better transition into the gospel quickly, and without it being akward. Also, I had splits with Elder Kennedy (The other elder in our district that I am not sure I have talked about) and that was great. He was really able to get me to just jump into conversations and talk. It was so great. He is an amazing elder and I really look up to him. Let's see . . .general conference was absolutely amazing. We watched it in English, which was so good, because I have heard that Japanese at General Conference is actually really hard. I took a lot of good notes, and I loved it! Keep reading and re-watching the talks. I promise that the Lord can answer your prayers through their talks, and that just like the scriptures (for that is what they are) they will gain new meaning every time. I love you so much, Mom. Keep going, and trust the Lord. I love you, and I miss you.

Love, Elder Livingston

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