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Little Witnesses - Letter to Dad - 9 December, 2014

Hey dad!!

This past week has been totally crazy! We have had to do a lot of busy work and traveling. We have been to the Kichijoji church twice (look it up on haha ;) Also, the building right by the church, like in the same parking lot, is the honbu (mission office).). It is about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes away from Hodogaya by train, so it has been a traveling week! But, one thing that we went there for Saturday was a christmas concert put on by the Shibuya institute students. Some of them are in our ward.

The Little Witnesses concert was so incredible. We took Norton san to it. It really explains simply the reason that we have Christmas, and why Christ was important. It was a super good experience for him. Please pray for him. He is so incredible. He has a hard time recognizing the Spirit, but in the past week we have been able to help him recognize it a little bit more for the first two times in his life!! It has been so so cool. :) I love missionary work. I am so grateful for the Lord and the way that He perfectly lines up little things like Institute concerts that meet the needs of the people that we are trying to help.

Another really cool thing that happened at the institute concert is that I met one of the people that I taught in the MTC! There is this program in the MTC called TRC which is where people who speak the language you are learning go and volunteer to be taught a lesson. Yuki is one of the people that I got to teach! (I actually taught him more than once, I believe.) He is super cool, and has really good English. He is applying to BYU Idaho and Provo soon, and he is a little bit nervous, but I know that he will make it. However, in Kichijoji at the concert I ran into him! It was way fun. We said hi and talked a tiny bit before the concert, but then we had to go sit down. And then after the concert he came and found me outside to say hi and take a picture! It really touched me. I didn't realize just how much I had affected him, or how much it had meant to him to meet me again. It really made me stop and think about how we do not really know the effect that we having on people simply by doing our best to teach and help them. You might think that it is just another Sunday School lesson that you teach, but when you go into it every single week with the same attitude that you did to teach the investigators in Germany, the Spirit will guide you. Dad, those kids need you. They are entering a stage of their life that is fraught with temptation and they need the armor of God. You can't force them to put on that armor. But little by little you can show them the pieces of the armor, how to put them on securely, and how to make sure that they stay clean and fresh. I know that the Lord has called you to teach them at this time because you will impact their lives. Never forget that. Follow the Spirit and you will know what you need to teach them to arm them against satan.

Also, tell Dave and Terron congratulations for me!! I am super happy for both of them! I am proud of them for getting their Eagle Scouts. :) They are amazing young men, and they are going to change so many lives. Keep me posted as David gets closer to turning in his papers! :) (Cameron too!)

Please pray that I can receive the gift of tongues even more!! I really really want to be able to speak fluently, and I know that I can, but I would love even more support. I am actually working on a huge translation project right now that is super super fun, and such a good exercise for my Japanese. I'll send you the Gospel of Jesus Christ note I made in English so you can see it, and then I'll keep you posted on the translation progress.

Thanks for everything, dad!! :) I love you, Dad!! You are so incredible. :) Keep helping mom, and let her know how much I love her!!

Love, Elder Livingston

Note: Some names may have been changed for privacy

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