Sunday, January 4, 2015

I told you to stop! - Email chat with Dad - 29 December, 2014

My letter to Elder Livingston was actually an email chat (first one ever for me) as I happened to be online when he sent Jen the “I told you to stop!” letter.  Don’t ask me why I was up at 2am, but I was.  He needs a keyboard for his iPad and we chatted about that, but I removed such boring, techie stuff.

Dad:  Great letter for Mom!!  I loved it. We will take good care of her.

Tanner:  Thanks, Dad!! I love you!! :)
Oh, also, I did some re-translating of the things that you have on my blog so I can send those to you. :)

Dad:  I’ll try to catch up on the blog tomorrow. I've fallen a few weeks behind. Ooops!  Good to email chat with you tonight though.

Tanner:  Yeah, it has been so so good!! Question . . .why are you awake right now? haha

Dad:  Mom's awake too. She says Hi. I was up walking down my Frankfurt Mission memory lane on Facebook. Mom isn't chatting so that you can get all those other letters written. Have a great day !

Tanner:  I bet that is cool. :) Tell her that I say hi!! Thanks. :) You know, if you want to chat for a bit it might take me longer (I might not get to write you a full email) but it would be really cool! Do you want to know where I went today? Look up Hachimangu in Google. :)

Dad:  The Shinto shrine? Hachimangu in Kamakura?

Tanner:  Yep! That is the one!

Dad:  It looks really cool !

Tanner:  It is incredible!! The artwork is fantastic. I also think it is cool that even in cultures that do not believe the same thing that we do, they have temples. They have part of that truth, even if they don't have all of it.

Dad:  Wow, cool. That is pretty far from your normal area. What took you down there?

Tanner:  P-day took me down there haha it is only about an hour by train!

Dad:  Guess what I got for Christmas?  Money to save for a trip to Japan!!  I also got a book about Tokyo that has history, maps, travel information, etc. Way cool, huh?  I really want to come and see everything there when you have completed your service.  Maybe we should put the shrine on our list of places to visit.

Tanner:  That's awesome! Ahh, do you really think that you will be able to come? Who all do you think will come? And Kamakura will be on there for sure, because it has a lot. I don't have a lot of time (I just need to send pictures and then we have to go), but respond if you can!

Dad:  Well I want to come if we can. That's a ways off so we'll see about who will be there.  Love you, Son. Have a great week.

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