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I meet an interesting . . .entirely sober? man - Letter to Mom - 9 December, 2014

Hey mom!!

So, to explain the subject, let me tell you a fun story. The other day we were at a 7/11 (They totally have those here. It is bigger here than it is in the states haha) and this guy comes up and starts talking to us in English! I think that he really likes English, and foreigners, so he wanted to talk. He actually invited us to go drinking at his house! Sadly, Elder Tolen and I are underage. (He is me and Elder Squire's new companion). So we had to turn him down. But, he wanted to talk and exchange information anyway. He said that anytime we get in trouble that we can call him. He is a fuel engineer for X-Mobile and is super cool. His name is Kenji Machi. When he told us that, I told him he had a cool name. He bent over in laughter, and then walked up to me, turned around, jumped backwards at me, and hit my arm with his rear. . . .hence, we are not sure he was entirely sober!! haha Welcome to Japan.

However, I want to talk a little bit about Elder Tolen. First off, he is super cool.  He actually grew up in PG! haha So right now, we have a Lehi Pioneer, a PG Viking, and an AF Caveman in our companionship. However, as far as the district goes, AF still dominates with two people. Hurrah!! ;D haha He is super dendo fired!! (Dendo is missionary work). It is super fun to go out working with him, and just see his enthusiastic spirit, and desire to help everyone. He really reaches out, even when it may be hard. He is a hard worker, and I am super excited to see how this next transfer goes.

Elder Squire is also doing well. He goes home, next Thursday!! How crazy is that? He is as grumpy as ever (or so he tells me, I don't believe he is actually grumpy ;D ) and super awesome! He knows how to love people. That is what I have learned from him more than anything else. He is super loving. He reaches out to the one. He makes every single person feel loved individually, which is exactly what the Savior would do. In fact it is what He did. If you read in 3 Nephi, it is really cool that it specifically points out that the Savior took time for each person individually.

Let's see. . .well, satan really likes to hit when life starts to line up with the Lord's will. It has been hard to meet with Dunkley san recently, so we are moving his baptismal date back. He is super prepared, and has such a real desire to know what is true. We are meeting with him Friday, though, so pray for us! We will be resetting his baptismal date, and outlining how many times we need to meet with him in order to make it happen, and then we will be teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Speaking of which, I created a cool document for my personal study this past week or so in the notes application, so I will send it to you! Which brings me to the point that I really want to share with you, mom. Make the personal study you have with the Lord count every day. Sometimes you might be super tired when you study. Sometimes you might not know what to study. But always put in your effort and try to follow the Spirit and I promise that you will learn something. Also, make sure that you take good notes. There is no point for the Spirit to whisper revelation to you if you are not going to record it/act on it. So take good notes. Some people really like study journals. For me, I like to write them right in my scriptures, or in the digital copy of the conference talks, etc. Whatever you like to do, make sure that you take careful notes of what the Spirit is telling you, regardless of what you are actually studying. The Spirit is the Key.

Mom, I love you so much! I know that right now it isn't easy.  Remember, however, that Christ is always with you. He has felt 100% of the pain and suffering that you have felt. He loves you and will help you with everything. I know that. Training isn't easy. There is a lot of responsibility that you have. In a week, I will be the senior companion, and I will be the one that has to lead the lessons, and be confident in my Japanese. That isn't easy. But the Lord always qualifies you. This past week we were over at a members house for dinner, and one of the members said that I was really good at something (I couldn't remember if it was Japanese or Piano) and I needed to share it more. And then that night my Japanese sky-rocketed, and I spoke to the members so much better than before. I walked out of there and thought, "How in the world did I do that? That was normal conversation, not just gospel stuff. We talked about Europe, and types of chocolate, and famous actors and movies, and I understood!" It was incredible. The Gift of Tongues is so real. I definitely have so so far to go with my Japanese abilities, but I know that the Lord will help me to know exactly what I need to say.

Love you, mom!! You are so incredible. :) Thank you so much for the package!! It came last week, and I still haven't opened it! ;D haha I sent yours off too, so let me know when it gets there. :) I love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

Note: Some names may have been changed for privacy

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