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Faith is like a little seed - Letter to Mom - 21 December, 2014

Hi mom!

How are you? I hope that the health battle is continuing to go well. :) And, even though it is hard, I know that it will pay off. That is definitely how missionary work goes! It can sometimes be hard when you walk along the streets for three hours straight, trying to talk to everyone, and either no one is around, or they all ignore you. It is intense how many times we get ignored a day! But, the only sad part is that they are not opening their ears to the gospel. I know that the Lord will continue to help us find those that are prepared to receive us!

Speaking of which, I love Norton san! The update with him for this week is one of the most incredible miracles I have seen on my mission. Possibly the biggest. This week, we walked in to set up for Eikaiwa (English Class) and saw him sitting at a table with one of the members. I had no idea what was going, so I walked over. I looked on the table (and what did I see [sung in a popcorn popping voice]?) and saw copies of the Book of Mormon splayed out. I was so thrilled! It turns out this member, Nakayama shimai, has really been reaching out to him. They have become really good friends, and we have been able to meet with him, and having her as a member present, twice since last Wednesday, and we have another appointment for tomorrow! I am so thrilled! But, what happened yesterday, was a miracle. Norton san sometimes has a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon. He really wants to understand it, so that he can understand us. But, yesterday, we read in Alma 32. It was a really good discussion, and we got to talk about faith, and how we do not always know everything with a perfect knowledge. I asked him, if he wanted faith. He said, "イエスキリストを信じる信仰?” which translates to, "Faith in Jesus Christ?" and I said yes. He replied, "Hmm...yes." and I was so so so so happy! This is the first time that he has said he wants to believe in Christ! I am so excited to continue to learn with him, and to help him come unto Christ.

As far as Dunkley san goes, we had to drop him this week. We went to visit, and his grandparents asked if we would stop talking to him about religion. It is very sad, but I continue to pray for him, and I know that the Lord will take care of him. We gave him an introduction to the gospel and he has felt what the Holy Ghost feels like. When the time is right, the Lord will remind him of that, and he will be able to progress once again.

I am so so so so excited to talk to you tomorrow! :) I am freaking out a little. :) haha and yes, if you called tomorrow at 7 pm (your time, 11 am my time) that would be perfect. My email address for the FaceTime is this one, so okay? I don't have a Skype account set up yet, so FaceTime it is! haha Also, I am so glad that everyone loved their gifts. :) It was very fun to try and find them, and to package them all up. And I am so so glad that they made it before Christmas!! I do think it is not quite fair though, that I have to wait to open mine, but you opened yours!! ;D haha I have been so obedient, despite the temptation that it is. haha

Mom, thank you for your example. You have always been such an incredible, amazing, smart, kind, perfect mother. Thank you for the influence that you have had on me. So many times I am reminded of the things that you have done for me and for our family as I learn about Christ, and what I need to do to become a better missionary.

I love you so so much, and I can not wait to see you tomorrow! Love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

Note: some names may have changed for privacy

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