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Dad's Packing Lessons Come in Handy - Letter to Mom - 14 December, 2014

Hey mom!

How are you doing this week?  I hope that you are doing alright. Please let me know soon!

So, this last week has been absolutely insane, and a little hard as far as missionary work goes. We have completely lost contact with Dunkley san, and we didn't have a ton of time last week to go out and work because we had to help Elder Squire get ready to go home in three days. Crazy huh? But, Dad's packing lessons definitely helped! Haha I packed Elder Squires bags for him haha :) the only problem was that he didn't have very much stuff, it was just heavy. So it was too heavy to fit all in one bag, but when you split it up it didn't fit very well and stuff would roll around a little bit. That was a little disappointing, but it is okay. :) I was really pleased with how I packed the first bag, (I fit SOO much stuff in there!!!) but then it was too heavy which was a bit of a bummer. So we had to move a bunch of the stuff to a second bag.

It is kind of weird to me that Elder Squire is finally leaving. I have been with him all day everyday for about 15 weeks, and it is a strange thought to think of him not being there. But I am so excited to get to work one on one with Elder Tolen as well. He is an incredible missionary, and I have seen the Lord work so well through him. He really follows the Spirit, and does what the Lord needs him too. He doesn't let any barriers hinder the progress that the Lord needs him to make, and it shows. I am so grateful to have such amazing companions.

Mom, there is an invention here that I really really wish I could get you for Christmas. There is only one problem. . . It is a table hahaha :) it is called a kotatsu and is a table that has a top sheet that you
lift up, and you put blankets on it so the blankets hang down and over your body. It is so great. But the best part is that underneath the blankets is another piece of wood, and hooked to the bottom of that wood is, wait for it, a heater. :) yep. You turn it on and out your feet underneath (normal ones are small tables, but you can get full size too) and the blankets trap in all of the heat from the heater so
you get super super warm! Anyway, that's a fun fact. You should look it up and see if you can find any, because you would love it. :)

I love missionary work. It is so fun, and so hard, and so rewarding, etc. it is so great to talk with people, and just teach the gospel. When I think about it too hard I laugh at how weird it is sometimes.
I'm nineteen. But I've talked to so many people here that are old (like in their nineties. Japanese people are extremely healthy for how old they are. It is super cool. :) ) and I'm here to teach them how they can be happy by living a gospel centered life. It is such a testimony to me that the Lord is in charge of this work. We could not teach people and touch their hearts if it was not for the Spirit. I am
so grateful for the Spirit. Mom, you are so incredible, and you are such an influence of good. The girls that you serve in young women's are going to be changed for their entire lives because of the things that you say and do. Listen to the Spirit and he will guide and direct you as to what you need to say and do to change these girls for the better and to help them come unto Christ. I promise that you will know how to help them. Pray for them always.

Mom, thanks for being so amazing. You are so kind, sweet, loving, patient, and. . .well, I guess perfect is a good word for it. ;) I love you so so so much, and I miss you tons. I can't wait to see your
beautiful, smiling face at Christmas time! Find out when works best for you to Skype/FaceTime me, and we will coordinate it, okay? I love you!

Love, Elder Livingston

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