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Jersey! - Letter to Dad - 24 February, 2015

Hey Dad!

First off, thanks for giving me the go ahead for the Yokohama Marinos
Jersey. :) I got a nice one. I took out 150 dollars today for it, and
only spend 114 ish, so that was nice! Just so that you know. I'll send
a picture of me wearing it later. :)

How are you doing?? I haven't heard from you yet this week, but I am
going to bet it is because you are on a business trip. Mom told me
that you had to head out to San Diego! How is it? Is this part of your
new position? What does that all entail? I am curious to learn more
and to know what this means for your work positioning at the moment.

Wow. General Authorities are so incredible. And Elder Ballard's hands
are super soft, just in case you were wondering. ;D haha He is so
great. I feel bad for people that do not get to see General
Authorities outside of General Conference. They are so incredible.
They deliver messages just as good as the ones in General Conference,
but for a longer time, and they open up their personalities a lot.
There is a lot more joking and/or a much more bold seriousness when
they are not in conference. It is so cool to see them and their
personalities, instead of just hear the talks that they prepare for
that very special meeting, (Do not get me wrong, I love them in
Conference too.) Do all that you can to listen to the General
Authorities and to follow their words. Pray for the Spirit to guide
you as to where to go. He will point to them, because they point an
undeviating course to Christ. Also, never doubt the Spirit. Trust Him.
And listen to the soft, little promptings. One thing that I loved that
Elder Ballard said is that if you are truly converted to the Church
your missionary work does not end, even after death. He actually said,
"You know, I figure if you can't escape missionary work by might as well get good at it!" haha It was super
funny. :) But it is so true. We will be missionaries forever. We have
so much to share, and with so many people. And some of those people
speak English. Some speak Japanese. Some speak German. How is your
German, Dad? Is it where you wish that it was? I challenge you to get
it to where you want it to be. Elder Holland said, "We would hope
that every missionary learning a new proselyting language would master
it in every way possible.  And as you do so, your proselyting and
testifying skills will improve. You will be better received by and
more spiritually impressive to your investigators.  Don't be
satisfied with what we call a missionary vocabulary only. Stretch
yourself in the language, and you will gain greater access to the
hearts of the people." There are people that could really use your
testimony, Dad. And that testimony might need to be in German. I
challenge you to study the PMG Lessons, first in English, and then in
German. Go and get a German PMG. Study it. Make sure that you
understand everything in it. And then stretch yourself just a little
farther. Do not let a lack of opportunities now stop you from
improving. I testify that the Lord is not going to give you
opportunities all over the place if you aren't ready. It's the same
way here. That was another thing that I really learned with Elder
Ballard. If we don't know how to teach the lessons here in Japan, why
in the world would we be given investigators? The Lord will not give
us prepared people if we are not prepared for people. Prepare yourself
and then wait and watch the Lord work miracles for you, Dad. He is not
done with your German, I feel strongly impressed to tell you that.
There is much that you still need to do with that incredible language.

Dad, I love you. I love you so much, and the example that you have
always been for me. You taught me what real work was, what real
sacrifice was, and how to really love people. That makes all the
difference as a missionary, and I want to thank you for that. I love
you!! <3 Also, if you want a jersey, as you alluded when you told me I
could get one, just let me know. ;) haha  I love you!! <3 <3

Love, Elder Livingston

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