Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hodogaya FC - Letter to Dad - 16 February, 2015

Hey Dad!! :D

So, sadly, there is not a real team called Hodogaya FC...that I know
of. But, I have been able to play soccer a lot this past week! We have
gone a couple times for our exercise in the morning, and been able to
actually do it as part of missionary work, reaching out to some high
schoolers. It has been such a good release for me, since you know how
much I don't really like just structured, weights and such, exercise.
I love soccer! I think that our family should make an indoor team
(co-ed) when I get back, and just have a lot of fun. :) Deal? Also, I
have one request....can I get a soccer jersey? Not you send me one,
but do I have permission to buy that on a P-day? They are 40-60
dollars depending on the jersey (I wouldn't go crazy. They can get to
be a lot higher than 60 haha), but it would be really nice to have one
so I do not have to borrow one of Elder Suzuki's all of the time haha.
:) Also, if it would be possible, I want to kind of get one thing of
the same kind (like cups, pins, shirts, etc.) from each of my area,
and if I could get a soccer jersey that would make me so so happy! :)
haha Let me know what you think. ;)

Dad, how is your personal scripture study? What do you like to do for
it? When do you do it? What do you usually read? I am curious. :) I am
so eternally grateful for the treasured hour that I have out here on
my mission, every single day. It is so incredible, and it brings so
much power into my life. I think that is definitely part of the reason
that some missionaries just shine. (ultimately, even the missionaries
have to choose to allow the Spirit into their hearts. It doesn't come
automatically with the calling). We are so blessed to study the gospel
for an hour a day. It is something that I really want to do when I get
home, and I will have to make sure that I introduce structure back
into my life when I get home so that I do not lose that precious
study. Dad, always let the Lord know that you love Him. I think that
we focus a lot on trying to feel His love, and trying to be worthy of
His love, but how often do you honestly and sincerely tell Heavenly
Father that you love Him? I love you, dad. I love my Heavenly Father.

Sorry I have been a bit scattered in this email. I will probably just
continue to be scattered though, haha ;) How was Valentine's day? What
did you do for mom? Oh! So, just so that you know a little about
Japanese culture, on valentines day, all of the girls give chocolate
to the guys that they like. The guys do not give anything. And then on
March 14, it is called white day, the guys get chocolate for the
girls! (particularly white chocolate, and particularly to the girl
that gave it to them). Kind of strange....haha And you don't give
flowers. haha. It is starting to get warmer here, I feel like, which
is strange because people have been telling me for a long time that
February is the coldest month, and that it is going to get colder and
colder! However, I believe that it will snow tomorrow. :P Dad, how did
you do missionary work in the rain, and in the snow? I would really
like to know! That is one thing that I am constantly trying to
improve, and trying to get better at.

Well, I love you, Dad. So So So much!!! I hope that you know that, and
that you know the Lord loves you. You are an incredible man. :) Have a
great week!

Love, Elder Livingston

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