Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baptist Missionary - Letter to Mom - 9 February, 2015

Hey Mom!! :)

So how are things going at home? Thank you so so so much for the
keyboard and the hair stuff! It has helped a ton, and makes it so
convenient to make better notes in MyLDS account. It is also really
nice for typing emails! I will admit, though, that it has taken some
time to get used to the American Keyboard again haha :) haha What is a
normal day like back at the Livingston Residence like these days? It
sounds like things are still pretty crazy busy! We never were people
to just sit down and relax, were we? We always have to be doing some
sort of activity for someone in the family! :) haha I really like it.
<3 I also am so jealous of the new bouldering gym! Actually, a better
word would be 羨ましい pronounced oo-ya-ra-ma-she and means jealous, but
has absolutely no negative connotation like the word jealous carries.
Cool, huh? I love Japanese! It is so helpful sometimes. I'll share
more on that later. ;) haha It looks way fun, and I can not wait to
come and try it out with my loving family! <3

So, as a quick side note, there is one thing I absolutely love about
the Japanese scriptures (I hope I haven't shared this before). In the
scriptures it says that God and Christ and the Holy Ghost are one, and
that is a hard thing for some people to overcome in English, that they
are one in purpose, but not really one (like it kind of sounds). But
the Japanese COMPLETELY clears it up! In Japanese there are very
specific counters for things (the way that you ask for two pieces of
paper is different than saying two people, and two balls, etc.). In
the Japanese scriptures, it says that they are one. But the one that
it specifies is one thing, not one person. It shows that they are one
in purpose, and clearly says they are not one person. Cool, huh? <3 :)
I love Japanese!!

As for the title of this email, things have been going really good
with David! He is so cool, and we have been able to meet with him a
few more times to talk. He really likes talking with us. One thing
that really stuck out to me today, that I don't really realize is when
he turned to us and said, "I am very impressed with you two. When we
talk, you talk about God and you have so much faith, and you are so
young, but you are so much wiser than I feel like I am, and I have
studied the Bible" (not an exact quote, but that was the general gist
of the conversation). It made me stop and think and be so so so
grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with, particularly with
my knowledge of the Gospel. I know that it is true. I have prayed
about it, and I feel that it is true. I know it with everything that I
am. It is such a powerful piece of knowledge, and I wouldn't trade it
for anything. It has been so incredible to talk with so many people,
and see so many beliefs. And none of them compare with the
light and happiness that the Gospel brings into my life.

Thank you so much for teaching me how to live, Mom. Thank you for
showing me that when we follow the commandments we are happy, and that
we can come to know for ourselves (indeed it is absolutely vital that
we do find out for ourselves) if this gospel is true. Thank you, Mom.
I miss you!! <3 I love you so so much. To infinity infinities. :)
Never forget that!

Love, Elder Livingston

P.S. I remembered why I pulled out money a while ago! I bought the
next level of Japanese grammar book from the honbu (mission office). I
got that, and it is so helpful! It was about 40 dollars. Thanks for
everything! Love ya!

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