Sunday, September 21, 2014

Letter to Mom - 16 September 2014

Subject from the email - Wow . . .this place called Japan actually exists!

Well, this place called Japan is insane and completely different from America in almost every single way! haha For example, I am using the computer at the church by our apartment and even the keyboard here is a little bit different. Luckily it isn't too different, or it would be really hard to efficiently write any letters. :) I love it though, and I am doing great.

Wow, where do you want me to start? I guess a good place to start would be with my companion, huh? (I will be sending emails full of pictures in a minute, so just be patient with me ;) haha ) So his name is Elder Squire, and we are totally different. I am transfer one, he is transfer 15 (There are a total of 17 transfers on a mission). He is a little quieter, and I am . . .well, you know me ;) haha however, it is really fun to learn from him and to grow together in ways that we are both weak. For example, yesterday night we went housing for the first time. It is hard here because a lot of people (most people) have intercom boxes and so they can just tell you to go away before they even heard your message. Elder Squire hasn't had success with it in the past, and so I could tell that he was discouraged going into it. We said a prayer though, and I really tried to get him and me to focus on what the Lord would want us to say. And we started up again. It was only a few houses later (and interestingly the last house that we knocked on for the night) that a man came out and we had a 20 minute conversation about church and what we are doing in Japan and how Elder Squire wants to come back to Japan to study and all sorts of good stuff like that! It was incredible, and I hope that it built up Elder Squire's faith as much as it did mine, because it was such a testimony builder to me that if we do our best and really just trust in the Lord then He will make it so that our work is enough.

Well, what else to talk about. Oh! A couple logistical things. So, today was temple Tuesday (we get to go to the temple in Tokyo once a transfer, and on those days we actually have P-day on Tuesday, so I am so so so sorry that this is a day late. I promise that I am not dead or neglectful <3 ). It was so great to go to the temple and see a bunch of kids from my doki (the group that came out to the mission at the same time as me). So, everyone that went to the temple today was all of the missionaries in the Fujisawa stake, and I am in that stake! I am in the Hodogaya area, and it is an absolute blast. I love it here. We actually don't have any progressing investigators right now, but we have a couple of potential ones, as well as people that we are finding on the streets every day. We are really working to get a baptism because my area has not actually had one in a few years. Which I think is going to change. ;) Also, today I bought a bike!! I forgot to take pictures, so I will have to take some and send them next week. Sorry!

Um, Japan. It is so humid here. And if you have not been somewhere that is as humid as Japan you do not really understand what I mean. I thought that the west coast was pretty humid, and it was really different than Utah. hahaha wow . . .how wrong I was!! This is real humidity. It is super moist, and the smell here is so . . completely different than anything that I have smelled in America! But I like it, and I am growing to love the area and the people. They are so kind. I have loved getting to know the people here, and the missionaries here are great. The Japanese people are so polite, and it has been fun to start immersing myself in the culture, although I know that I will always be American, because that is just what is inside my bones. haha

So, a little bit about the language. People here speak Japanese all the time, it is crazy! ;) Who would have known, right? But honestly, I do not understand a lot of what people are saying. My trainer is a lot better than me at Japanese, but he has told me that he still does not feel super confident, so it is fun and interesting to get around sometimes! haha But it is coming slowly, and I am glad that I can testify about the gospel, because that is what I am really here to do. Also, there are quite a few people who know English, are learning English, or want to learn English! So, I am always grateful for when I can speak English. I am so grateful for that language. It is beautiful, and it makes so much sense in my head, even if the principles behind its grammar are horribly awry. Haha

Well, let me see . . .oh!!! This is super important. Because we have iPads, Wada Kaicho said that we can look at our emails any day of the week, so if you ever want to send me a letter you can just email me, and I will get it that day! I can read them any day just like they were paper letters, I just have to wait to respond to them until Monday (our usual P-day) Also, I have an hour and a half to write emails instead of just an hour now, so that is cool. :)

Well, the food here is amazing, just like everyone said. I had real ramen today, and it was absolutely amazing. Just in case you were wondering ;) haha I would love to hear from all of you soon, and I will try to respond to as many emails as I can!! :) I love you all so so so much, and I miss you tons! But, don't be sad. I am only an email away. :) These two years are going to be incredible, and I am so glad that technology allows me to share it with you faster. I will keep sending you stories, and feel free to ask questions! I love you!! <3

Love, Elder Livingston

P.S. Sorry if I missed any questions! Send them again and I will try to remember them for next time.

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