Sunday, July 27, 2014

Letter to Dad - 24 July, 2014

Dad!! I love getting all of your emails, and really everyone else's too. Those are some intense experiences! You know, the parallel that you drew from those stories is so true. The spirit is definitely our most powerful tool. I have a cool experience that I would like to share: In our training we have TONS of opportunities to teach. Most of the time we teach each other and take turns pretending to be the investigator. And that is where the miracle happens. Even though it is practice, the Lord blesses us with the same spirit that He would give to our investigators. I had the opportunity to teach Elder Cook about prayer and to invite him to pray for the first time. As he did, even though it was just a roleplay, the spirit was so strong. It was absolutely incredible. I think that the Lord gives us those opportunities so that we can understand what the investigator is feeling, or at least needs to feel (it talks about that in preach my gospel). The spirit is the same. The Lord blesses us with that spirit to grow and learn.

My district is great. Funny story, I forgot to include this in my email to mom and the family, but I am the shortest lived district leader ever. I got fired this last Sunday. ;) I only lasted a week and two days!! However, the reason is because me and Elder Nagano (my companion) are the new Zone leaders! haha the Lord truly works in mysterious ways. I think that it is amazing and such a testimony builder that the Lord fulfills His promises.

My companion is awesome! We are so different in many ways, but we always agree on the gospel, which is good. We know that we need to teach in unity, and so we prepare to be powerful missionaries together. He loves to breakdance, which honestly is a bad thing because we aren't supposed to dance, but I'm not sure how to tell him that I think it would be better if he wouldn't. So I am kind of waiting for the spirit to direct me. Plus, it isn't a huge problem, and he doesn't do it too often, I just wish that he could follow the rules more closely. My district is so amazing. We have grown so close and one thing that we like to do is take about thirty minutes and allow people to share their life story. It has been such a testimony building experience and truly unifying in my district.

That is so cool that you got to go to Boston!! Did you take a lot of pictures? About that, make sure that the family knows I am sorry I haven't sent any pictures, but I won't be able to send any until I leave for Japan because we don't have iPads yet, and my SD card reader connects to iPads! haha

We get to go to the temple once a week on P-Day. Our allotted time is at 3:05 I believe, but this week we weren't able to go because . . . .Happy Pioneer Day!!! haha I hope that everything is going incredible at home. I will tell you more specifically about my Sunday schedule soon, but I actually have to go now. I love you so much, Dad! Thank you for your scriptures too, it is always something I need to hear. I love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

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