Friday, July 11, 2014

July 10 : First Contact!

I'm here!!!

Hey all!! How are you guys?? Ahh, it is so incredible here. I can't even explain it. Also, I couldn't remember everyone's email address, so please forward this to everyone. The past two days, well, day and a half have been completely overwhelming in the most spiritually uplifting way possible!! How does that happen? That's basically the MTC in a nutshell for you. The very first day they start speaking Japanese, and the teachers don't speak any English. My companion is Elder Nagano, and he is super cool. He is actually Japanese but grew up in the states, so he doesn't know that much more Japanese than the rest of us. Also, it's day two, and I am the district leader!! :) haha I am so excited to be able to serve in this position, and I just hope that I can fulfill all that the Lord needs me too. I'm sorry that this letter probably won't be that long, but our actual email time is on Thursdays starting next Thursday, so they told us to just write a little, "I'm here and I'm alive . . .barely" email. haha I love you all so much. I just hope you know that I know the gospel is true. It was so fun to meet with our branch presidency today! They are amazing men, and they are definitely called of God. It was fun to hear everyone's testimony, but I think the most amazing part for me was when I got to have an interview with Brother Willes (who is actually the nephew of Gordon B. Hinckley!!) I could feel the love of God from him so so so much from the very first time that I met him, and as I told him that I knew the gospel was true I felt it. The best part though was that he asked how I was doing, and I said I was great . . .and it was true. :) I have felt it so so so much, and I know that I will be okay and be able to serve so so well as I strive for obedience and righteousness. Thank you for being the most amazing family ever. I love you all SOOOO much, and I will reply to your other emails and talk to you in greater length later.

Ai shite imasu!!

Elder Livingston
Livingston choro

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