Friday, July 11, 2014

July 9th : The Drop-Off

A final meal with the family at our favorite Thai restaurant Simply Thai.  The food was excellent, of course, and our host was so kind.

When we told her he was going to the MTC today she said they would get a special treat for him.  She brought us two free orders of Mango Sticky Rice and the Coconut Ice Cream for the celebration.

Coconut Ice Cream

We barely finished with enough time to drive to the MTC.  As we approached the check-in location a missionary asked if we had an elder or sister and he placed a color-coded post-it on the front window of the car.  We were directed to a location alongside the curb and then…

Some quick hugs and he was off!!  The tears flowed freely on the drive back to American Fork.  The feeling was surreal.  A mixture of grief and excitement.

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