Saturday, October 11, 2014

Letter to Dad - 29 September, 2014

Hey Superman ;)

How are you? How is that new phone working for you?? haha It looks so so so cool!! I wish that I could see it in person. :) It definitely looks huge in the photo. I also hope that you and Ammon are seeing success as you are working on the app. I will definitely be praying for you. Don't worry, you will have success, and you will have the money that you need. The Lord always provides for those that follow His commandments. However, don't wait for a complete sense of security to follow the promptings that you have. You may need to dive in to what you felt prompted to do before you feel completely comfortable. And that is exactly how the Lord needs it to be sometimes. So just trust Him. If you really feel like you were inspired to do it, follow it. The Lord most often brings miracles after our faith has been tested.

Thank you so much for praying for the Lord's investigators here in Hodogaya. They are incredible people, and I really do love them. The Lord will help them progress. I know it. And dad, I know that your prayers help. Thank you so much. As far as general conference goes, we don't actually get to see it until the 11th and 12th, so tell everyone in the family not to send anything about the talks until after then!! ;) haha I want them to be a surprise/the first time that I have heard them. One really cool part about doing it this way though is that we get to read the talks while listening to them for the first time, so we can be more focused and get even more meaning, as well as highlight and underline parts that we like while listening to the talk. I am super excited for that. :) I know that the people who talk in conference are called of God. He inspires them and teaches them what they need to say. As you and the rest of the family (as well as the rest of the world) listen to the prophets I know that you will receive guidance. And remember, the guidance that you get in conference is very sacred. Record it somewhere that you can find and refer to often. When the Lord sees you treasuring the things that He gives you, He is so willing to give you more and more. So record it. One thing that I loved from the Character of Christ talk in the MTC is that we should take notes that are like the small plates of Nephi instead of the large plates. Notes that are sacred and special, and more conicse. They are not just huge compilations of history, or what the person said. Listen to the Spirit.

Dad, you are such a good example to me of missionary work. I think of the influence that you had as bishop as well as mission leader often. I really appreciate the work that you did so much more now, and I see just how important those callings are (along with all others, I just see those two a lot right now). Don't think that now that you aren't specifically called to serve as a missionary that you should stop though. The Lord needs you to continue to reach out. One thing that I loved that I heard in my Zone meeting was about housing, but is really applied to all aspects of missionary work, especially here in Japan. Our zone leader said something to the effect of, "There is absolutely nothing normal about two tall white boys going and knocking on the door of a Japanese person in the middle of Japan, speaking Japanese, and talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You might as well make it even more weird by boldly declaring what you know to be true." I loved that. It is so true. But it applies so much in life. Boldly declare what you know, Dad. You have such an amazing testimony. Share it. Don't be scared to tell people what you know to be true. If they don't want to hear it, but they know that you shared it because you love them, they won't be offended. Try to look for those that could use your testimony this week. The Lord will guide you if you do.

I love you so much dad! Thank you so much for all of your emails, and for all that you do for the Lord and for our incredible family!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Livingston

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