Sunday, August 31, 2014

Letter to Mom - 28 August, 2014

Oh mom, what am I going to do with you? ;) Why in the world did you have to go and break your ribs??? That probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world. ;D haha but in all seriousness, I'm really sorry that happened. I'm so glad that you are starting to heal though, and that you are feeling a little bit better every day. Don't worry, you will be back to normal (and above what you were) before you know it!! :) and way to take care of Emmett even when you fell!! :) That truly is superwoman right there. You really are incredible mom. I love you <3

So, what to say this week!! :) haha I guess I will start with yesterday we got to skype someone who is actually in Japan (a member) and just talk to them a little bit, and then give a short lesson. It was so so so fun, and I understood basically everything she said!! She was this super nice old lady and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to speak with her. I'm pretty sure that she was speaking incredibly simply for our benefit, but that's okay, it was still really good practice. And she said that I had a pretty accent, which I loved!! :) So, apparently I have a nice accent in Japanese . . .who knew!! But the most amazing part came after, when our teacher Brother Hollister talked to us about how it went. First of all, a little about Brother Hollister. He is ripped. There is no other way to put it. He has been through basic training twice, wrestled in college, and actually won the Iron Man award at his last basic training (that is the award for the most physically fit at the camp). For example, one day he had us all do as many push-ups as we could in a minute to wake us up and get the blood pumping, and the record in our class was about 50 I believe (we have a wrestler in our district too). And then we asked him to do it. Guess how many he did? In one minute, he cranked out 105 push-ups, and he said the only reason he couldn't do more is because gravity couldn't pull him down fast enough so that he could push up again. So, I feel like he has a little bit of an army personality, so he is harder to be really impressed. But when he reviewed our lesson that we had with us, he said it was absolutely incredible, and that when he talked to the lady afterwards she had really felt God's love when we said we would pray for her son who had just barely taken an important test and was going to get the results back. To me that had been such a small thing, but it was exactly what this lady needed. So the message I would ask for you to take from this is don't forget the small things. When you get a small thought or prompting (and in all reality, if it prompts you to do good they are one in the same. Elder Bednar has some really cool insights on that too.) to do something tiny for someone else, please don't hesitate to do it, because it is from the Lord. :)

Also, guess what?? First off, tomorrow we get our flight itinerary!!! :D :D I am so so so so excited!! I really can not believe that in a week and a half from now I will be in japan. I will be honest that there are times here that really feel like I was born in the MTC and that the outside world technically exists, but not really. Because we literally do not see any of it, or have any interaction with it. It is like it's own separate world here and the only link to the outside world are the letters and packages. Second, Elder Nagano and I will be released this Sunday from being zone leaders, which is kind of weird. This coming week will be the only time on my mission so far (apart from the first day) where I haven't had a leadership position. Kind of a strange concept to me. Haha 

Speaking of packages and letters, if you are thinking of sending me a letter for when I get to Japan (to get there within a week or so of when I actually get there) I do want to say you should probably send it now or next Mondayish due to the amount of time that it takes for stuff to get to Japan. 

Ahh, I love you all so so much. Thank you for your letters and emails (those letters on Monday from you mom, and Kaitlyn were absolutely perfect and I loved them. That system really is nice that you can send it the same day). They mean so so much to me. :) This church is true. I know it with all of my heart. And the incredible thing is that when you testify of the truthfulness of it, you learn it more and more. Thank you so much for being amazing. I challenge each of you to share your testimony with someone this week too (hopefully you always do ;D haha) and really make an effort to put your heart into the testimony. The Lord doesn't need eloquence to bring a piercing message to a hardened heart. He needs sincerity, love, and boldness. So don't be afraid to very simply speak and bear testimony of what is true. Don't worry. The Lord will consecrate all things for your good. :) I love you and miss you all!!


Elder Livingston

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