Sunday, February 8, 2015

Splits! - Letter to Mom - 2 February, 2015

Hey mom!! :)

How are you doing? I am glad that you were feeling well enough to go to all of church this past week! That is so good. Keep me posted on how you are feeling, okay? I really want to know. You are so incredible, and you are able to go through so much hardship. It is so inspiring. Thank you for always being a good example to me. I love you so so so much, Mom!

So, this week I had splits with the Traveling AP's as well as with the Zone Leaders, so this has been a super busy week! I will start with the splits with the AP. His name is Elder McCarty. Oh, and a traveling AP is basically an assistant to the president whose sole purpose is to go around the entire mission and help train leaders. It was so cool. Second incredible thing about Elder McCarty. He is transfer 16 (the last transfer you get if you are foreign speaking) and his first area was Hodogaya! He loves it here. He was here for six transfers, but hasn't set foot here since the last time he was here, over a year a go. It was so good for him to come back and to kind of bid farewell to his first area. He loved it. He also got some of the ward members to come to English Class to see him, and they got to meet the people there, so that was super good. He also introduced me to some potential investigators, and then we got to go and do some service with Naoi shimai. We went and sang at an old folks home, and it was so cool! Guess how old the oldest person was? 103 years old!! Crazy, huh? And she was still healthy. There was also a 101 year old there too. We got a picture with them. So, in total, that picture had 243 years of age, and only four people. Oh, and two of them were below 20. So crazy!! It was super cool, and I got to play A Poor Wayfairing Man of Grief, which was so good. I love that song, and I am grateful that you sent it to me. If you find any more good music that is fairly simple and churchy, send it to me! I have way more opportunities to play piano here than I thought that I would get. I love it. And then the other miracle that we had was that we met a man named David Choi! (that is not his real name, just what he calls himself when speaking English). He is a Korean. (You would think I would eventually actually find Japanese people to teach here, but no! Only Canadians and Koreans haha). :) He is super cool, and is Baptist. He is actually studying and trying to become a Baptist missionary....found that out today! haha but he really really wants to know what we believe, and when we shared the Plan of Salvation today, particularly the Kingdoms of Glory, it shocked him, and he said he had never heard of that before. So we showed him where Paul talks about it in Corinthians, and he said that he would pray about it. One thing that is super funny is his wife is a bit scared of us. She said that she was worried that we would "capture us." haha. But, we haven't captured him yet. In fact, Elder Tolen thinks he might be trying to convert us. ;)

Um, I just had a moment of inspiration with Elder Tolen here. David has studied the Bible for four years. We have had two formal years of study for the Bible. And yet, I know what I teach is true. I have prayed about it. I have felt the confirmation of what I am teaching. And it made me stop and think, (I have thought about this a bunch for missionary work in general), missionary work doesn't make sense. I am 19 years old. That is it. I come out here and find everyone that I can, everywhere from 14 and under, to 80 and over!! And I teach them what the Spirit has taught me. And I do everything that I can to help them recognize the Spirit (because it is the Spirit, not the missionary that converts). It is kind of crazy to think about. Missionary work is weird when you think about it too hard. haha I stop people on the street....randomly....and I ask them what their hobbies are, if they have family, and then if they want to come to church. That isn't normal. But it is for missionaries!! I love missionary life haha. :) So great. <3

So, today we went to the zoo again. We took Tom!  He is great.  He is so incredible, and I really do love him. it is exciting to see him progress. and grow closer to God. He actually had an incredible experience! He needed his parents to call him, and to talk to them, and so he started praying to Heavenly Father and telling Him how badly he needed it. And as soon as the prayer was over, he got an call on the phone from his parents!! He said it was a miracle, and a really good experience for him. I am so grateful that the Lord answers prayers. Please pray for Tom that he can get a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. It is so important for him!!

Mom, I know that this church is true. I am so grateful that the email that I sent last week helped. All of the emails that you send mean so so much to me! :) Thank you for being the best mom in the entire universe. I am so so so grateful for all that you have taught me and for the spirit that you have always set in our home. You really do set the tone for the entire home, and it has always been one of love and the Spirit. :) Thank you for teaching me to love and turn to the Scriptures all of those years ago. 2 Timothy 1:7 has been a strength for me my entire life since you showed it to me when I was worrying a lot. Remember that scripture. God has not given us a Spirit of fear. Never be afraid, mom. The Lord will always take care of those whom He has called. I love you!!

Love, Elder Livingston

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